Bostic is a Gator

The Florida Gators picked up another huge verbal commitment today from the top linebacker prospect in the state of Florida. At 6-3, 230-pounds with 4.5-speed there isn't much that Jon Bostic can't do on the football field. From Palm Beach Central High School in Wellington (FL), Bostic has arguably been the top prospect left for the Gators at his position for some time.

The recruiting process at times can be over bearing for a player like Jon Bostic. Mr. Bostic was gracious enough to call me on the way to today's game in San Antonio, and he described a portion of what the process has been like for he and his family.

"This started out and I expected it to be a little bit crazy but the number of offers that Jon has was overwhelming," Bostic said. "But all the top teams started to offer and then it was a landslide and it made it uncomfortable for me because we couldn't look at all of them. I mean you can't visit 20 schools, so we used our criteria to cut the numbers down and concentrate of fewer schools. We were lucky because Jon said he wanted to stay in the Southeast."

The truth of the matter is no one really knows how many offers the Bostics received because they lost count knowing they could only focus on a select few.

"Twenty-seven offers and counting and other schools kept contacting our head coach," Bostic said. "He would tell them that they might not have a chance because Jon wanted to stay in the Southeast."

Throughout the recruiting process one can truly never know the final destination for players like Bostic, but within the family, there was never a question of where he would ultimately end up.

"Thirty years ago I had dreams of being a Gator and we looked at the academics and very few if any schools can touch the academics that they have to offer," Bostic said. "From a number of different majors, Florida can give you everything you want. We love UF from that standpoint. From a football standpoint, it's great. Football is football, but he was blown away by The Swamp and his mom was very into him going to Florida and both of us are very excited for him to be a Gator. For mom, UF was the place for her all a long and she is very thrilled and was hoping that he would make that decision on his own. He did and it's a great choice and she expressed that a long time ago."

Mr. Bostic spoke about the very first time that he and his wife decided they wanted their son to be a Florida Gator.

"When we went to Friday Night Lights, that's when we pretty much decided that we wanted him to be a Gator," he said. "But Jon wanted to look at all his options, but coach Strong and coach Meyer both came to visit with Jon. Strong came three times and coach Meyer twice. We had a family discussion about his best options and on coach Meyer's last in-home visit, which they weren't even selling the program, that's not what they wanted to do or had to do, but when coach Meyer himself came twice that had a lot to do with it. I guess about three weeks ago we decided but he had to make his own decision. But back during Friday Night Lights when coach Meyer asked Jon if he wanted to be a Gator he told him that Florida is where he wants to play."

To say that the Bostic family is glad this process is over would be an understatement.

"I will say I am glad its over," he said. "I can sit back and watch and not have to worry about coaching, but I guess his little brother we will start in a year or so. Now, we just look forward to watching him grow as a player and as a young man."

For those of you wondering if Jon Bostic will enroll early at the University of Florida here is your answer.

"We have a couple of things to do with the clearinghouse but if he isn't at Florida on Monday he will be there on Tuesday."

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