Chat Transcript - 1/3/08

Each night leading up to Thursday's BCS title game, will hold a chat at 10 p.m. to discus news from South Florida. Here's Saturday night's chat transcript.

ozgator Larry, how upset was billy d after that 1st half today

lvettel Billy must have been mad... Tyus has to learn to play with fouls and others just need to compete... Calathes was great but no one else gets a star

ozgator Larry what has happened to hodge he is playing awful?

lvettel Hodge has played like a freshman... good one day, horrid the next... very surprising and it really hurts this team

tOthree99 Walker doesn't get a star larry?

lvettel Walker was a key to the surge that began the comeback but did little the rest of the day.. yet he was the 3 2 guy today

ellparr much do we miss Jai Lucas?

lvettel Jai hurt because of the lack of depth it created more than anything else

Gatormann Larry what are your thoughts on Bama's debacle?

lvettel Bama was understandably flat at the beginning but the horrible possession after closing to 21-16 was an eyesore

plaerjay, how far do you think this young Bball team can go this year??

lvettel I think the hoops team will again be a borderline NCAA team. Today's win helps, but they need 10-6 in the SEC to be confident

lvettel Hoops will end up with the non conference record I figured they'd have. big guys have got to compete harder when guys get physical for this to be a return to the big dance type of season

Gatormann Larry what are your thoughts on the big game?

lvettel I like Florida's chances but to me there are two huge keys. one is for the offense to establish ball control and pound Oklahoma on the ground. the second is on defense where they must get some three-and-outs to keep Oklahoma from getting a lot of momentum. Oklahoma must play from in front

ozgator larry think oky will attack haden and wright

HollywoodBob Haden will be lined up on Iglesias

lvettel first they want to force Florida to commit a DB to Gresham... then they can use other matchups in the secondary

lvettel Florida would love to play a ton of nickel in this one. I like Black on Gresham because he is so good fundamentally

GatorChad Bob, You still think we get Debose tomorrow and what about Ray Ray?

Gatormann What do you guys think about Loeffler?

HollywoodBob Loeffler is a huge hire in my opinion

lvettel I think Loeffler is a hire that will excite a QB who needs to learn NFL level skills for the jump to the next level

AJY15 but why is that larry, who has he prepped for the NFL

lvettel Brady didn't turn out too bad...

HollywoodBob think he may have been a GA coach for Brady

Gatorzrulenolezdrool Bob, do you think JB will be cool with his role on the team next year with Tebow still the starter or do we go to 2 QBs?

lvettel No chance of 2-QB if Tim returns

HollywoodBob drool, he would have to sit a year of he transferred, so just needs to sit tight

RowdyOne Bob...are all three of the Sanford kids announcing together or spread throughout the game?

HollywoodBob I think they are spreading because only five total Rowdy

gatorfey likely are we to land debose and ray ray???

HollywoodBob fey, I think the Gators get Debose

cgfultz Do you guys think Tebow is coming back to school?

lvettel Absolutely

GatorChad Bob, Jason said tonight that it's much closer than many know for RR and that Florida has made up a lot of ground

HollywoodBob that is very true Chad, but they had a very very long way to go

Gatormann Bob what do you like best about new hire?

HollywoodBob I like the pedigree and recruiting new quarterbacks

MemphisGator40 Orgeron did a great job recruiting...his team won the cotton bowl

lvettel Orgeron's players didn't win the Cotton bowl any more than Zook's players won the National Title in 2006... both proved that it's much more than the "Jessie's and Joe's"

Gatorzrulenolezdrool Bob/Larry: You guys have score predictions? still stand firm by them?

lvettel 44-35

gatorbogey what's the deal w/ the reports about Gator suspensions? bob/larry?

lvettel There are no suspensions for the game at this time

jlwms71 How involved was Percy at practice today?

lvettel Percy was walking fine... he and I have an excellent relationship.. I'm convinced he'll ready unless there's a setback

GatorChad Larry, how do you think UF's D-Line will do against OU?

lvettel Hard to pressure Bradford with their scheme but you have to get enough of a push to speed up his decision making

MemphisGator40 Pressuring Bradford is as simple as ole miss pressured harrell

lvettel It's much tougher. Bradford's o-line and RB are much better

TheSwampThing I think we will see a lot of Nickle

lvettel I'd play nickel from the first snap until they showed me they could run on it

chlidipper We just need to get Bradford out of his comfort zone!

lvettel I agree, gotta make him make faster decisions than he wants to... gotta put him on his keister

MemphisGator40 Texas did a great job putting Bradford in unusual situations

lvettel Texas did very well... Florida is better defensively than Texas is

GatorChad Larry, will we see Torrey Davis a lot this game?

lvettel Not a lot, but if Torrey can play 15-20 quality plays that would be a huge plus

ellparr OU got 5 tds on they get 5 on us?

lvettel Oklahoma has scored 35 plus in every game... anything under that is a victory

GatorChad Larry, what could we see from Florida that we haven't seen this year schemewise?

lvettel I don't think you change much... Florida was the best team in the country the last two months. I think they can utilize Percy more and I think they can use Hernandez against Oklahoma

PalmBeachGator Brandon James is due

lvettel Big plus for Uf in the return game... Brandon James could be the MVP.. great point

DemonHunter is Brandon 100% yet?

lvettel he's fine

Gatormann Bob, what how do you think our o-line will match up against Oklahoma's front 7?

HollywoodBob love that match up mann, they are young on D-front

desiredgator what about hicks covering gresham?

lvettel no one guy really matches up with Gresham. You mix it up and try to jam him at the line

HollywoodBob mann, biggest match up for UF will be their OL vs Gators DL

TheSwampThing Bob any info on Orson Charles or Denard Robinson?

HollywoodBob heard last night that Charles and Murray are a package deal, I think the Gators get Denard

GatorChad Larry, behind the scenes how confident are the Gators about this game?

lvettel I think this is a confident, motivated football team

HollywoodBob I think the UF coaching staff has done a great job of keeping a chip on the shoulders of this team all year

TheSwampThing Bob where do we stand with Lutz?

DemonHunter How similar are Oklahoma and Texas Tech offensively?

lvettel Oklahoma has a much better O-Line, better RB and a better TE

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