Recruits Comment on BCS Title Game

As the University of Florida did the unthinkable last night, holding the Sooners' record breaking offense to 49 points below it's average over the last seven games, some of the nation's top talent was tuned in to see the outcome.

Trey Burton:
"I am glad I don't have to play against Florida 's defense."

Dee Finley:
"Yea that D was Amazing. I have been here for about four days and it feels like I am home."

Kyle Koehne:
"I thought it was a good game and hard fought. The Gators showed a lot of talent and mental strength. I am extremely excited to get there and start training with the team. I am ready to get in there and work hard towards getting to another national championship."

Marsalis Teague:
"I loved it. I was sitting on the edge of my seat pretty much the whole entire game and I just cant wait to get down their and start competing and I feel we will be able to repeat especially if Tebow comes back for one more year but it wont be easy but then again nothing is really easy when it comes to SEC ball and trying to win a national title."

Ian Silberman:
"The game was amazing. Percy and Tim were great and #77 was a beast as always along with the rest of the MASSIVE offensive line."

Ryne Giddins:
"They did Great!"

Trent Richardson:
"Great game, Tim Tebow is the man. As long as he is on the field they can't lose."

Corvin Lamb:
"Congrats to the Gators that was a voluminous win."

Quinton Dunbar:
"I mean it was incredible. They fought to the end and came away with the victory."

Mike Gilliard:
"They are a great team, they earned it."

Kedric Johnson:
"I think Florida played great last night! The defense was amazing and the offense was very physical and eventually word down Oklahoma 's defense."

Marlon Brown:
"Tim Tebow is a great leader and his players follow his lead no matter what. It was a great win last night."

Latu Heimuli:
"I thought it was a really tight game. They played very well, Tim is a great player."

Russell Sheppard:
"From my point of view I loved it TT made a huge stride in the game last night people like Tim and Pat White hold the key to our success as the dual threat quarterback showing that we can play with the best of the best. Those guys are paving the way for guys like me and the rest of the athletic type quarterbacks. Vince Young was making it a little easier then it started acting crazy up in Tennessee so it's nice to see Tim and the rest of those guys have success"

Jeffrey Godfrey:
"It was a great game"

Lo Wood:
"Put it this way Jason, my dad walked on at Oklahoma and got hurt before school started and then went to Northeastern Oklahoma A & M after rehabilitation. My cousins, the Jackson's went to Florida , so if you want the best of both worlds go to Florida if you want to try and make a difference go to Oklahoma ."

Ivan McCartney:
"They are simply the best."

Eduardo Clements:
"They played hard and Tebow is a great leader. He did what he was supposed to do last night. The team with the best leader and the players that follow him are the teams that are going to win hands down and they did."

Desmond Parks:
"Man, one of the greatest experiences in my lifetime. It was a Phenomenal effort by Tebow and the rest of the Gator squad."

Frankie Telfort:
"I feel that the Gators have something special going on in their program that is propelling them to the cream of the crop each year."

Brandon Moore:
"Man, it was amazing last night. Me and all my boys were hollering it was crazy but a great game."

Cassius McDowell:
"I don't really have a quote or anything because I knew who was going to win last night."

Jake Heaps:
"Florida was very impressive this whole season as far as how they handled adversity from the loss earlier in the year. Their offense is very impressive to watch."

Kadron Boone:
"I loved the game and feel I am close to making my decision."

Joshua Evans:
"Both defenses were truly amazing last night."

Lynden Trail:
"I think that my opinion was correct, when the Gators need to pull through they look to the leadership of Tim Tebow which he pulled through last night and I feel that Percy Harvin had a great game because he had a lot of doubters last night because of the injury but he did great. Also, I thought the defense was great."

Chris Dunkley:
"The true Heisman winner won last night."

Brandon Burrows:
"I think that it shows that hard work and dedication pays off."

Jarvis Jones:
"It was a great great showing by the Florida defense."

Khari Fortt:
"It was a great game and I am glad the won."

Orson Charles:
"It was a great game."

Justin McCay:
"It was a good overall played game and the better team won."

Edwin Herbert:
"It was great to win and it's great to be a Gator!"

Cornelieus Whitehead:
"It was a great game by the best team in America."

James Collins:
"The best team in American won that game Thursday night."

Logan Heastie:
"UF is the Real Deal."

Brent Benedict:
"It was a great game against the two best teams in the two strongest conferences. I enjoyed watching a great game like that."

Lonnie Pryor:
"Cool......Go Noles."

Derek Owens:
"It was a good hard fightin game! I wish I was there."

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