One-on-One With One of the Pounceys

No matter what the situation is when you see one of the Pouncey brothers the other isn't far away. That was true during Sunday's national championship celebration with both Michael and Maurkice up on the stage "interviewing" their teammates.

Of course they were side-by-side all season long on the Florida offensive line, helping pave the way for a school record 611 points. The Gator offense ended the season averaging 231 yards on the ground and 214 through the air. Florida averaged a remarkable 7.1 yards per play over 14 games and 874 offensive snaps.

So it was a bit of a surprise to be able sit down with Maurkice Pouncey after all the festivities with his brother nowhere in sight. Or was I speaking with Michael? No, it was definitely Maurkice.... I think.

LV: Maurkice, how much fun was it out there today?

MP: It felt really good to have all that support out there from our fans in the Gator Nation. Anytime you win a championship it's great. We're all out here celebrating and hoping everything goes well for next year too.

LV: What was your reaction when Tim made his announcement?

MP: My reaction when it first came to be is we have another chance to go back and play for another championship. That was a great moment. Tim's a great leader and he turned around our team this year. We're a lot more mature because of him.

LV: How much will you try to convince Brandon (Spikes) and Percy (Harvin) to come back and go for another one?

MP: I don't think you can hold those guys back. Percy is such an electric player I think he's pretty much ready for the NFL, but it's his decision. Spikes I'm not so sure because I haven't talked to him yet. I hope he makes a good decision for him and his career.

LV: How can you put into words what this season has been like for you and your brother and your family with all the highs and lows you've been through from the accident that cost your dad his leg to winning the BCS Title Game?

MP: It's been amazing, man. I've loved every second of this season and wouldn't give any of it back. The only thing I'd love to give back is my dad's accident but other than that I just loved it (the season) to death.

Florida will have to rebuild its offensive line in 2009 with the departure of starting tackles Phil Trautwein and Jason Watkins. But two constants they can definitely count on are the Pouncey brothers.

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