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A lot of speculation has been made about Florida and recruits that have come out and said they are no longer committed. The three in question - Greg Reid, Nick Kasa and Mike Gillislee - have all said that they will take visits.

One of these, Nick Kasa will end up elsewhere in my opinion and that team will be Colorado. Nick told me yesterday, "I think that Colorado is a much better fit for me."

Again, these verbal commitments are non-binding until National Signing Day. At the end of the day it comes down to comfort level and being that far away from home.

Maybe there was a little bit of what I like to call the A.J. Jenkins syndrome. For those that don't know there are times throughout the recruiting process where parents of potential prospects are pushing their sons to only one certain school and a lot of times that can have the opposite impact as many of you parents will understand. Distance, as well all know, does have an impact on these kids regardless of what they say. It is the reason why the majority of players over an extended amount of time come from within the state. Kasa is a great kid and comes from a good family and you will never see me say or write anything bad about him or his family.

With Greg Reid, I think there are more than a few things that are going on with him. One, he has grown up a Gator fan and attended almost every Gator home game over the last two seasons, and two, his mother wants him at Florida from what she has told me in the past. If he had been a silent to Georgia like a few have mentioned then why the trip to Florida State this past weekend? Why not take the visit to Alabama? I think that he just wants to take visits and that is understandable. He basically spent two full weeks at different all-star games and listened to all these other players talking about their official visits and how they get treated like royalty. Why shouldn't Reid want to and take some visits where he will be treated like a king, that's what everyone else is doing. I think as long as he makes his official visit to Florida things will be okay with him. I do, however, feel that a late official visit to Georgia would put the Florida staff on its edge that entire weekend and up until National Signing Day.

Like Reid, running back Mike Gillislee also went public early in the process to the Gators and has now come out and said that he is wavering and wants to take some visits. The three schools of interest are UCF, Clemson and Florida. Again, like Reid if he makes it in for that trip I truly believe that he ends up a Gator.

The thing with recruiting is simple; you only want to take players that "want" to be Gators regardless of how talented they are. If you don't, it will come back to haunt you in the end because then you have some players that become cancers to the program. I'm not saying that either one of these kids would because they are both great kids, but if they are not 100 percent certain of their destination after they take the official visits then it becomes a bit of a risk.

I did get a chance to catch up with Dre Kirkpatrick's mother this morning, and she told me Dre will take his official visit to Florida this weekend and he will be accompanied by her and her husband. She went on to say that she has never been to Gainesville and is very excited about seeing the campus, school and meeting the coaches.

On Brandon Moore, we caught up briefly on Saturday and then again this morning and what I will tell you about him is simple. "Keeping it real, I love UF."

He will be under an intense amount of pressure from Alabama down the home stretch and I think that his parents will play a much larger part in this process then even he believes, but as with so many top out-of-state prospects, the Gators are right there. One thing that he has that other players from the state of Alabama to visit before him didn't have is an Alabama connection. He spent time with William Green and Dee Finley on this weekend's past trip.

Removing Nick Kasa, Mike Gillislee and Greg Reid, the Gators' class stands at 15 verbal commitments with six early enrollees. For anyone that may have missed who those six prospects are, they look like this - Jonotthan Harrison, Nick Alajajian, Desmond Parks, Edwin Herbert, Jon Bostic and Dee Finley. Bostic should be all set this week and was only waiting on a few last minute details before being allowed to enroll early.

On a side note many have brought up wide receiver prospect and current Florida commitment Nu'keese Richardson and him wanting to take a supposed visit to Ohio State with running back Jaamal Berry. This is what he had to say about that, "No, the only visit I am taking is the one in Gainesville when I enroll in school."

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