Chat Transcript - 1/12/09

Missed Monday night's chat? Here's the chat transcript to get you caught up.

HotlantaBill did WPL [Wondy Pierre-Louis] really declare?

JasonHigdon yes Bill he did today for the NFL fyi

BrowardCoGator Jason what's the word on Spikes and Harvin?

JasonHigdon Broward I have heard it both ways on SPikes and Harvin so I am not sure, sorry about that

GibbonsGator05 jason what is your opinion on moore? u think he sticks with bama?

JasonHigdon Gibbons will be tough pull no question I dont believe he understands how much of an impact his parent will be at the end of the day but he LOVED UF that is a fact

SurfinG8or who is the big DT that was here this weekend from Alabama?

JasonHigdon Brandon Moore

terickso5 If Harvin returns does that affect Debose's committment status?

JasonHigdon 5, that is unlear at this time BUT that is the side that I am hearing Harvin will head to the NFL so I would imagine the news wouldn't be great if he declared to come back

JasonHigdon that is just my opinion though

SurfinG8or I just saw someone say bama has 3 DTs in school, does that help us with Moore?

JasonHigdon Surfin it certainly cant hurt

CHIVES Bama wants Moore as a O-linemen and he knows it

JasonHigdon CHIVES no he doesn't because they talk to him only about DT

HotlantaBill the thing about Moore is that Bammers aren't worried about him

JasonHigdon Bill they never are worried about in state talent but they do lose some, Green Dee does happen rare I will give you that but the fact remains that it has happened and will continue to happen

GatorNavy Jason, any chance of reeling Greg Reid back into the fold?

JasonHigdon Navy, cleary there is a chance but UF will imo have some work to do this weekend no question about it

JasonHigdon 9-11 in this weekend

JasonHigdon they are as follows

JasonHigdon Dre

JasonHigdon Trent

JasonHigdon Jarvis

JasonHigdon Gillislee

JasonHigdon DEebose

JasonHigdon Luther Robinson

JasonHigdon Telfort

JasonHigdon Starling

JasonHigdon and Greg Reid

JasonHigdon chance that Orson comes and Jordan Reed however Reed might not come in until next weekend

plaerjay Kasa de-committed?? and committed to the Buffs??

JasonHigdon jay he feels that Colorado is a much better fit

BrowardCoGator Jason, any names you're hearing that might be specific guys to get on our radar that have not been?

JasonHigdon Broward there will be some that are not being thrown around in public fashion at this time

GracieGator ason, what could have caused Reid to do a complete 180 overnight?

JasonHigdon GG that is a long story I firmly believe it will however be cleared up Friday face to face with Coach Meyer, that you can bank on

CHIVES Any more defensive ends Jason? We are pretty youthful there

JasonHigdon CHIVES the Giddins and KASA deal is bad for sure but I am not so sure some magical five star DE will pop up at this late juncture in the process

jagator31 Jason the key is him making the visit

JasonHigdon 31--he will make the visit and if not I will be SHOCKED

jagator31 If Reid makes it to Gville he is done with visits

JasonHigdon 31 don't count on it

JasonHigdon regardless of what happens I expect him to make that UGA visit and maybe a Bama visit as well

JasonHigdon dont forget but Trent, Dre etc supposed Bama kids will be here all weekeknd with Greg, this weekend is crucial to see who is working who and if Orson comes there is your UGA angle, the dynamics of this thing is wild

gatorgc Jason, Is Denard Robinson coming in for a visit anytime? and where do u think we stand right now?

JasonHigdon GC, not sure on DR I will find out but I am about tired of the games that DR is playing imo from my exp.....he is on the board no question about it but I am NOT beating my head in trying to contact him at this point

CHIVES Will Jamaal Berry be here in two weekends?

JasonHigdon from what I hear anyway and that is theat Trent will visit this weekend BUT that could have changed but I have one piece of info that kind of confirms imo he will be here this weekend

JasonHigdon CHIVES dont know that for sure or not

JasonHigdon the Berry family and Telfort family have become close

PalmBeachGator Jason -- any names popped up on the radar since the NC that weren't there before!?!?

JasonHigdon PBG, not to my knowledge a few were starting to surface leading up to the BCS game though

gatorgc Jason, better chance of pulling j.berry or t.richardson?

JasonHigdon GC that is a tough question I think Trent imo

njcubed Jason,how impressed are you with Brent Benedict.I think he will be the number 1 Lineman in the State next year

JasonHigdon njc, that is a bold statement but might not be too far off, I love that kids game and he comes from a great family but I believe that Ian has the most upside of any OL in the state including Linder but all three are great looking prospects at this time

HotlantaBill we would have to miss on both Jenkins and Jones to take Telfort

JasonHigdon Bill, Coach Meyer loves Telfort the player and the person, not so sure about your last statement

gators92487 any chance kasa decommits n recommits to UF lol

JasonHigdon 87--I dont think there is anychance of that happening but then again I didnt think he would back out from UF

CHIVES Jason, your saying we would take Telfort right at this second even if things look good for Jones and Jenkins?

JasonHigdon CHIVES I believe they would sir, yes

BrowardCoGator also if Beal puts a hand down, that effects LB numbers

JasonHigdon sure does Broward b/c imo Beal will never play LB at UF

ellparr Beal move to DE?

JasonHigdon Ell, not sure I just dont think he can play LB at UF

terickso5 Jason...Any chance we can sway Louis Nix from Miami?

JasonHigdon ummm 5 not sure on that I know he and his family had a TON of conversations with the staff leading up to his announcement and then he said UM

HotlantaBill is there another TE on our board?

JasonHigdon outside Orson?

JasonHigdon imo right now no

JasonHigdon especially with Hevesy leaving

BrowardCoGator What the word with BC and Addazio?

JasonHigdon Adazzio is NOT taking the BC Job fyi

gatorgc Jason, any chance Randall Carroll still takes a visit?

JasonHigdon gc dont beleive he ever takes UF visit

gatorgc Jason/Bob, what do you see out of the db position, j.starling, g.reid, j.evans, t.hawkins? 2 out of 4? 1 out of 4?

JasonHigdon hawkins no way

HollywoodBob no on Hawkins, nothing there

JasonHigdon but still think 2 of those last three

trader5jl BOB is urban the best talent evaluator you have seen here?

HollywoodBob pretty damn good 5jl, but a lot of his five stars are panning out too, so he wasn't the only one evaluating that talent highly.

MajorGator i dont think brown goes to UT bec they dont have a QB or even have the hope of signing one

JasonHigdon If Marlon doenst come to UF imo he goes to UGA but now with Stafford leaving who knows

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