Meatloaf Was Right

His hit song "Two out of Three Ain't Bad" has been used for years to help put things in perspective when things don't turn out exactly as folks had hoped. And it's a great sentiment. If you really want three things and you get two out of three that's pretty darn good. That applies to work, birthday and Christmas presents and the like.

For the Florida Gators it certainly applies to the decisions about the NFL for the top three players from last season's BCS Champs.

Tim Tebow and Brandon Spikes will be around to help the Gators to try and repeat as national champs. Their decisions more than offset the loss of receiver/runner extraordinaire Percy Harvin. Tebow's value is almost incalculable, while Spikes' return will give the Gators its entire two deep defense completely intact.

That's not to say Harvin's departure doesn't hurt. The most dynamic player I've seen in a Gator uniform is the guy that caused opposing defensive coordinators to wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. Last season alone Harvin ran for 660 yards and 10 touchdowns, averaging 9.4 yards a carry. As a receiver Harvin was equally dangerous. He caught 40 passes for 644 yards and 7 touchdowns. Combined, Harvin totaled 1,304 yards and 17 touchdowns even though he missed two games.

Harvin has earned a place in the discussion of the best players in school history. He is the only Gator to both run (1,852) and catch passes (1,929) for more than 1,500 yards. He is also the only player in Orange and Blue to score more than 10 touchdowns running (19) and receiving (13).

It seems amazing that Florida is losing just one player for early entry into the NFL draft. Meanwhile South Carolina has three guys going early. Remember when they met back in November? It was 56-6.

So Meatloaf's theory is confirmed; two out of three ain't bad. I still like "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights" better.

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