Hollywood Bob's Private Screening - Part II

Part two of Hollywood Bob's Private Screening is all about recruiting as the Gators head down the home stretch for signing day 2009. There will be some changes from the last screening. Some we know about, some we may not know about, but we will try and explain to the best of our ability. The big changes will come from class numbers and that will be explained.

The Gators are taking aim at one of the top five recruiting classes in America with really not many scholarships left to fill. Some of that is due to not losing as many players to attrition as first thought and some is for other reasons. Still, it looks to be a stellar class with exceptional athletes at every position. Florida looks to close stronger than anyone else in America.

Bob recently talked to Jordan Reed, Denard Robinson, Greg Reid, Nu'keese Richardson, Marlon Brown, Alshon Jeffrey, and many more. Along with his sources he tries to bring you the most comprehensive look at Florida's 2009 recruiting board anywhere.

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Hollywood Bob's Private Screening - Part II

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