Chat Transcript - 1/15/09

In case you missed it, here's the transcript from Thursday night's recruiting chat with Jason Higdon and Bob Redman.

JasonHigdon I caught up with Greg, Trent Orson and Jarvis today fyi

JasonHigdon things went well with all of them imo

adamj Jason, do we have any shot at Jarvis Jones anymore now spikes is staying?

JasonHigdon Jarvis is just trying to get through these next few weeks honestly as with the rest of them it has been a daily grind

JasonHigdon but we talked about what it would be like to potentially play along side Spikes a AA and on one of the top Defenses in the Nation and a chance to play for it all year one

GatorNAlabama Any chance Reid ends it this weekend...??

JasonHigdon great talk with Reid he spoke with Coach Meyer tonight went great, one of the things GReg and I talked about was Brandon James leaving or staying the Bedford approach to coaching the CB's etc...

JasonHigdon what most dont know is that he is coming with his mother and another person that is super close to he and his mother and that persons family very good sign imo

GatorNAlabama what is your feeling on Reid? What's the hang up?

JasonHigdon simple confused

JasonHigdon one thing you all need to understand with reid is this for the LONGEST time it appeared as if he would play on the offensive side of the ball not until late did everyone start to see that he would/could handle CB in the SEC and the dynamics in which he was being recruited changed and changed very quickly one team has been with GR since the beginning and that is FLorida and he knows that

CHIVES Jason, isnt Brandon Moore gonna decide on the 22nd?

JasonHigdon yes CHIVES he is

CHIVES I have to think that Tennessee will be very much in it for TR now

JasonHigdon he has had that visit set up for two weeks though long before he knew that coach was going to UT

JasonHigdon and oh by the way

JasonHigdon Trents cousin

JasonHigdon James Collins is taking an official visit to LSU this weekend

LutzGator jason or HB, where do we go from here with the de position?

HollywoodBob Lutz, I think shut it down and go after Craig Sanders and others next year

CHIVES Whats up with Josh Evans probably not qualifying this year?

JasonHigdon CHIVES I dont speculate on that stuff I dont talk to the kids guidance counseler and stay away from that talk with the kids b/c never know if what they say is accurate but having said that he does 100% have some work

Kappy77 loving Spikes staying

JasonHigdon it SHOCKS me that off ANY TEAM let alone the BCS champs are not losing anyone in the two deep on D side of the ball

Kappy77 Jason, curious to hear what positions you see as the biggest need remaining for this recruiting class?

JasonHigdon well OL is done and with Spikes back and every other LB you dont need another imo but Jarvis and Jelani are bonuses

JasonHigdon WR with Debose/Nukeesee two of the top 6 WR in teh Nation that looks good but would like anohter

JasonHigdon QB Tim back no worries there

JasonHigdon DE with Johnson is very NICE but one more would work but next year is a big year for DE

JasonHigdon Gary Brown Herbert nice start one more DT

JasonHigdon Gillislle nice want one big time RB ok there imo

BrowardCoGator Jason, do you think GR ends his recruitment this weekend?

JasonHigdon no Broward I dont

JasonHigdon two new coaches are starting to recruit him starting this weeekend but I feel good about it

jagator31 Reid will still visit UGA

JasonHigdon yes

JasonHigdon and trent LSU and Vols

plaerjay do you think this new QB coach will better prepare Tebow for the NFL next year?

JasonHigdon yes 100%

JasonHigdon he is supposed to be fantastic have had few talks with trey about him

BrowardCoGator do you think GR and TR will be in?

JasonHigdon BC, right now without being able to predict the future (meaining OV for each this weeknd) I say no but I believe based on how this visit goes I will be able to know.....having said that I do know enough about GR to believe he will be in and I cant be anymore positive on TR than I have the past three months when NO ONE BUT ME WAS

terickso5 Jason...Jenkins still looking good?

JasonHigdon 100% feel good on Jelani want to see how it goes at PSU for them this weekknd he will GET FULL COURT PRESS

mattcale jason, since jacobi mcdaniel is taking a visit to uga, are we looking to get him to visit us too ?

JasonHigdon no Cale, he wil take that UGA trip next weekend not this weekend but look for him to end up with FSU imo

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