Chat Transcript - 1/16/09

Here's a transcript of Friday night's chat hosted by Jason Higdon and Hollywood Bob Redman.

ozgator bob do you think Demps running track will hurt is weight training

HollywoodBob oz, I think they will figure it out on Demps, a lot more help here at Florida doing that stuff

BrowardCoGator Bob, who would you rather see just on preference, Evans or Starling?

HollywoodBob I think they are different type of safeties, Evans more of a free, Starling more of a strong for what we want, so......both

GatorChad Bob, is that 22-23 number pretty solid now or you think that number could go up?

HollywoodBob Chad, if there is more attrition it could go up. I could see over signing by one believing that there will be attrition before Summer B starts

CHIVES Bob do you think we will get Jelani Jenkins?

HollywoodBob CHIVES, I believe so, this is the weekend to worry about with Jenkins as he takes the long awaited Penn State trip. We know dad came to Gainesville on an extra trip to visit, so good signs pointing to Gville in my opinion.

Gatormann Jason, do you like our chances with Marlon Brown?

JasonHigdon I do Mann but actually think that OSU could be the sleeper for MB

gatorgolfer Jason did everyone show that was on the list? Any extra's visiting?

JasonHigdon all made it in....Starling I believe was last one being picked up

CHIVES Jason, is Brandon Spikes making friends with Jarvis Jones?

JasonHigdon I don't even think spikes is around to be honest with you I will check

gator217 Jay: M Brown or Trent, who goes public with their commitment first?

JasonHigdon 217 I don't know what time on NSD for Brown and Richardson so not sure which one goes first that day

GatorChad Jason, what is this about Evans' grades?

JasonHigdon no on Evans grades Chad kid has some work to do that's all

GatorChad what's your thoughts on Starling and this class?

JasonHigdon I think UGA is the leader for Starling

gatorgolfer Jason, how often has Meyer been talking to Mr. Reid?

JasonHigdon Golfer they have talked a ton lately in depth so we will see what happens

RyNasty what position does Reid want to play?

JasonHigdon CB Ry

GatorChad Jason, Bob hinted in his PS that Reid might want to make his decision if he wants to be a Gator or not real soon. You agree?

JasonHigdon no Chad he still has visits set up

GatorChad Jason, you think Meyer pressures him into not taking the rest of those visits?

JasonHigdon not if he wants a shot at keeping him

GatorChad Jason, what would be the reason he wouldn't want to come to UF After all the success UF has had and UGA hasn't?

JasonHigdon playing time

JasonHigdon it's all about PT

JasonHigdon for ALL OF THEM

GatorChad so, he's like Kasa then too? Scared of the competition?

JasonHigdon has nothing to do with being afraid, Aaron Murray is not afraid of Anyone but the opportunity that's greatest most time will win out in the end

JasonHigdon the fact that Greg Reid WANTS to play CB and UF has YOUNG Great CB's and he still wants to seriously look at coming to UF should tell you How much he loves UF

G8trMoc but when Reid committed, it was for

JasonHigdon not entirely no

Gatorhiggz Jason how much will it help with TR that the Bama coach went to UT

JasonHigdon For TR I don't think that matters that much to tell you the truth Now it will help UT when he goes on that official, but it certainly doesn't help bama.....and imo wont be enough to push him to Vol land

gatorgolfer Jason maybe Trent sees UF as an alternative to Bama and UT

JasonHigdon NICE POINT BUT switch the teams Bama and LSU

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