Ask Hollywood....The Answers, Part One

As I have done from time to time, I pose the question "Ask Hollywood?" and take questions from the folks on our message boards and the site about Gator football, basketball, and recruiting. Here are my answers to the latest batch of questions. Come join us on our message boards at and join in the entertainment and thought provoking commentary from our readers.

Here are the questions from Part 1 answered inside on our message boards at

Question: What is going on with Moody? Most of us thought he was that NFL type back that would shatter the perception of our use of RB's (and ya I know the rushing stats and Demps/Rainey/etc) But why didn't Moody get more touches? especially when we kept hearing good practice reports towards the end of the season...including and leading up to the BCS game.

Question: Any chance Rainey moves to Harvin's role? Brandon James just isn't that good on jet sweeps and Moody and Demps are at RB.

Question: While it is impossible to replace a Percy Harvin-do you see anyone on the horizon who might be as explosive as Percy?

Question: How do you see Rainey's physical development continuing? Do you see him as having the mental focus and determination to have a Harvin/Demps physique? Has he been able to keep steadily adding "good" weight?

Question: Any word on the new FB coach?

Question: Any news on John Brown, can you confirm if he is enrolled for spring?

Question: Could you name a couple positions and/or players where a starter might lose his job next year to a newcomer? I don't expect true freshmen to come in and unseat defensive starters, but maybe a guy like Jaye Howard might rise up or something.

Question: Take a shot in the dark at who gets jersey No. 1?

Question: What are your thoughts on Brendan Beal? I've read that he may be too big now for LB and may end up putting his hand down. Do you think he ultimately moves to DE?

Question: What is the chance that the QB coach works with Tim on some snaps under center, or is that precluded by the offensive scheme? It seems that with mature QB's we could line up in an occasional I formation without harming the Urban spread attack. Certainly it would help Tim's NFL prospects and perhaps add a touch of change to the offense.

Question: Have you heard any passing comments from current coaches on staff about Lane how he is trying to piss off every coach in the SEC?

Question: Any word on just how the coaches plan to 'enjoy' this championship? do they do a group vacation together or have a few family oriented bbq's together, etc?

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