Chat Transcript - 1/18/09

The Florida Gators hosted some of the top talent in the nation this past weekend. hosted a chat on Sunday night to recap some of the news and notes from the weekend. Here's the transcript of last night's chat.

jagator31 Tells us how Jones came off on the phone

JasonHigdon JJ is very quiet speaking person you don't get a whole bunch from him

Kappy77 Hey Jason, so in your opinion was this weekend a success?

JasonHigdon 77 yes it was imo the staff found out about some players that could be in and some that could be out I know that is very generic but that was the goal and they accomplished that

plaerjay when do you anticipate Jenkins announcing ??? NSD or sooner??

JasonHigdon I am not exactly sure he can hold off to NSD

JasonHigdon he could though

NorthWestGator Jason, Have you heard of 2010 prospect Ethan Grant from North Broward High? How good?

JasonHigdon no sir, I have slowed down a TON on 2010 for the stretch run with 09

JasonHigdon forgive me sir

gator6918 Jason, still think we get to 22-23 commits?

JasonHigdon yes 18 I still think 23

jagator31 Jason is Jawanza not taking calls?

JasonHigdon no 31 he doesn't and I don't think he is a priority at all and look for him to trip to ND this weekend

plaerjay Seems like some good "vibes" out there on Jones....

gator6918 Jason, we have 16, that's 7 more. 1. Jones, 2. Jenkins 3. Evans 4. Robinson 5. Charles? 6 & 7? maybe we still get Reid?

JasonHigdon 18 that is why I am sticking to 23 soooo many kids still on the board

JasonHigdon and that leaves out Telfort and Starling and Moore and you still get to 23 easily imo

JasonHigdon Here is the deal with Trent so everyone knows--Trent knows that Florida is the best fit for him from a football standpoint and academic standpoint BUT Florida WILL NOT LET Trent use Florida as his playground, period......the ball is in his court

BrowardCoGator Jason, will TR be NSD or sooner?

JasonHigdon NSD

beezboyz do we wait for nsd, does not seem to be Meyer's mo?

JasonHigdon bee don't have a choice this year

JasonHigdon not with so many of them waiting until NSD

JasonHigdon maybe one or two go before but for the most part all these kids are waiting just like the ones that will come in next week as well

HotlantaBill how many are we expecting next weekend?

HotlantaBill anybody besides Marlon Brown?

JasonHigdon Berry

JasonHigdon reed

JasonHigdon going to be another BIG weekend in terms of talent level no question about it

Kappy77 Jason, you have any insight on O. Charles?

JasonHigdon 77 think UF has great chance on OC especially given the fact that three days ago he wasn't looking UF's way

beezboyz is Carroll visiting? at all imo

JasonHigdon don't think he will Bee

lg4uf Jason, who does Meyer still have in-homes with?

JasonHigdon big this week Debose, Jenkins Moore they are everywhere this week

HotlantaBill but I cant understand the Texas pick over us

JasonHigdon Bill UF has some people to replace on the O side of the ball Percy three OL Texas returns EVERYONE and plays no one, one tough game a year

CHIVES Jason.....I hope this hasn't been asked......whets your feeling on Greg Reid?

JasonHigdon Greg Reid is out imo three reasons and it was mutual imo with him and UF, Grades, Size and depth concerns

gator6918 Jason, think Jones/Jenkins/Evans and maybe Telfort is all that's on our board D side now?

JasonHigdon 18 Moore as well

suldier13 so...where is this write up on Dre?

JasonHigdon I did not talk to Dre he wont be in this class

suldier13 oh..ok..I keep on reading people talking about Dre and the things he had to say

JasonHigdon 13 he had a great visit no question about that talked to a number of players that told me who were with him but at the end of the day he is going to Bama end of story imo

JasonHigdon don't want to create false hope on him by doing some elaborate story etc....

NorthWestGator Agree on Dre, Jason, but I think B. Moore is the same, can't get out of Bama

JasonHigdon NWG could be correct on Moore Strong/Meyer going to see him this week so we will see how that goes

gator6918 Jason, any new or oldies popping back up

JasonHigdon 18 there always is sir but all will need to wait to see how the board shakes out including yours truly for a little while

fusionbeats Jason, will the staff take Bostic, Jenkins, Jones, AND Telfort?

JasonHigdon fusion imo no they will not

CHIVES Jason, the staff wont take Telfort as a safety?

JasonHigdon they aren't even recruiting him as a safety

tdiddy2 As a RB?

JasonHigdon Frankie Telfort looks nice at RB but have you seen the RB's that UF has, NO WAY he could play RB for UF

HungaryGator We're recruiting Telfort as a weakside OLB aren't we?

JasonHigdon that is correct

terickso5 Higdon...How's Robinson, Jenkins, Jones and Evans looking?

JasonHigdon long shot on LR

fusionbeats Jason, did the visit do anything for our chances with Trent Richardson this weekend?

JasonHigdon yes it did Fusion

JasonHigdon Trent understands that UF is best for him

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