Ask Hollywood....The Answers, Part Two

As I have done from time to time, I pose the question "Ask Hollywood?" and take questions from the folks on our message boards and the site about Gator football, basketball, and recruiting. Here are my answers to the latest batch of questions Come join us on our message boards at and join in the entertainment and thought provoking commentary from our readers.

Here are the questions from Part 2 answered inside on our message boards at

Question: What are the chances of Fightin' Gators organizing some block tickets for Gator sporting events [for us non-season ticket holders] - like bowl games or the SEC hoops tourney, etc?

Question: Which SEC team(s) do you see giving us the biggest problems next year?

Question: After this coming season, who do you think the leaders of the team will be with the departure of Tebow/Spikes and a variety of juniors possibly?

Question: How do you think this team and coaches can stay focused to win a repeat NC in LA next year? What was the key for Billy Donovan's boys and can that be applied to football? How many times ha there been a repeat NC in football?

Question: Noticed that James Wilson was on crutches during the NC celebration, what is the extent of his injury and will he be healthy for spring practice?

Question: How high is Debose's ceiling after seeing his senior highlights and what hes capable of with the ball in his hands? He's currently sitting at 175ish according to the networks, and we've already seen that Percy played best "rocked up" at 200 plus, so how much of a realistic impact can he have right away with his skill set?

Question: What is your feeling on landing DT Brandon Moore?

Question: Do the Gators sign Jarvis Jones and Jelani Jenkins?

Question: How many signees do you think we will be looking at for the 2010 class?

Answers to Ask Hollywood...Part 2

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