Hollywood Bob's Private Screening

With just two weeks left until signing day and the coaching staff all over the place recruiting as usual, it is time for the weekly Private Screening to help answer some of the questions that people have about what is going on in the recruiting process..an overall view as well as a look at the individual prospects still left on the recruiting board. Check out our message boards for the latest.

The count is 16 commitments in the fold right now and as Jason Higdon alluded to another 10-11 that are still a possibility. The number the staff is now pushing is 20, but I truly believe they would take that 21st guy with the remainder of the board like it is.

As I mentioned last week, the number was 22 and it dropped from a higher number simply because attrition was nowhere like they expected it to be The higher number of attrition was expected, even as late as late November and in to December. It is a close team as they showed on the field all year and there just are not a lot of unhappy campers.

However, I personally think by the end of spring there are going to be a handful of players that just want to see the field and they just don't see it happening at Florida. It could come from a number of positions and as usual, I don't need to guess who because it will probably not sort itself out until the spring.

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Hollywood Bob's Private Screening

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