Everything as Expected on Richardson Visit

Gator technology caught the eye of Nu'keese Richardson on his official visit to Gainesville this weekend. Richardson has been to Gainesville numerous times so there wasn't a lot to learn, but the Gators have a new tool to perfect the motion of athletes in their respective sports. Richardson had a good time on his visit and is now getting himself ready to show up and be a Gator in the summer.

Richardson visited for several games in the fall as well as a couple of camps in the summer. His former teammate Janoris Jenkins is a star freshman cornerback on the Gators and so Richardson has heard a lot about Florida from Jenkins. This visit was really just a formality and a free way for him to come up and visit his future home.

"I kind of expected everything that happened this weekend and it was a great visit," Richardson said. "I liked the new technology that Florida has. They have this digital thing that tracked your motion on the video screen and recorded it. Then they can help you adjust your motion to make you run faster or smoother or something like that."

His host on the trip was freshman linebacker Lerentee McCray. McCray is another that contributed this year as a freshman and someone that Richardson was already familiar with.

"I hung around with Lerentee McCray," Richardson said. "He is pretty quiet, but real cool and down to earth. I have known him for a while because of Janoris. He and Demps are suite-mates with Janoris and Jeremy Brown."

During the weekend there was a track meet going on at Florida. Richardson had a chance to take in the meet and it sparked an interest in him to possibly try track next season.

"I went to the track meet and I am thinking about running track," Richardson said. "I might try the 50 meters, they don't have that in high school. I currently run the 100 meter, the 4x100 relay and the 400 meter run."

On any official visit there is a sit down conversation with the Gators' head coach. Urban Meyer and Richardson met, but the conversation was light between the two and more geared toward his preparation to show up ready to compete this summer.

"Coach Meyer and I discussed me coming in and putting some weight on me," Richardson said. "I am currently at 155 pounds and I need to be in the 170 range when I arrive. I play so many sports so it is kind of hard to keep it on."

Richardson spent a lot of time away from the other prospects this weekend, but he knows about a couple of them.

"I really didn't hang around any of the other guys, it was just Lerentee and me," he said. "Me and Gary Brown talked a couple of times, but I didn't really hang out with them too much. I know Andre is a good dude. Gary Brown called me Friday night and just wanted to know if I was coming up for the visit."

Nu'keese Richardson definitely needs to gain some weight in order to compete big time at Florida, but the slippery receiver has a chance to be a very good one early in his career. Done with his high school classes, Richardson is waiting on a qualifying test score and then he should be able to enroll for the Summer A semester for the Gators.

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