Hollywood Bob's Private Screening

The Gators are concluding their last visit weekend for members of the 2009 recruiting class on Monday when Marlon Brown leaves town and the overall vibe from the weekend was a good one. There could be a shake up and a de-commitment in the class, but nothing has happened as of yet. Check out the message boards at Fightin' Gators and see just what we have uncovered this weekend and look ahead to.

There are ten days left until signing day and it is all coming down to the nitty-gritty. The Gators will likely sign between 20 and 21 prospects this recruiting period and with 16 public commitments, there aren't many left to be had.

The Gators are sitting nicely with what I like to call "Plus-One" territory heading into signing day. "Plus-One" in this case means that all of the needs are filled in the class and the Florida staff is just trying to snag the top players at different positions to fill out the class.

I have heard some very encouraging things about big time five-star running back Trent Richardson and the chance for him to be in the Florida Gator class. That was something this writer didn't think nearly probable just days ago.

I have also changed my tune on a few other characters in this possible class, namely four-star quarterback Denard Robinson, five-star wide receiver Marlon Brown, and maybe a few others.

Of course as we have said for a while, we feel good about certain other prospects that haven't signed on the dotted line just yet and I will offer up some more positive thoughts on them.

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Hollywood Bob's Private Screening

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