2010 Lineman Leon "Earthquake" Orr Impressed

The University of Florida always puts a premium on offensive linemen that can move and are extremely physical. They will continue to recruit that way. One of the best in both categories for the recruiting class of 2010 is New Port Richie (FL) Gulf lineman Leon Orr. Orr visited Gainesville for the Gators' first junior day on Saturday and left with a lot to think about.

Like others we have talked to already, Orr was extremely impressed with the academics that Florida presented on the day. He understands that going to school for football only, doesn't work out for everyone.

"It was real good, and the academic presentation was awesome," Orr said about the visit. "When you think of most colleges, you would expect them to come out and talk about football. Florida came out and talked about academics and a 100 percent graduation rate. That impressed me a lot, because you can be a good football player, but football isn't going to be there forever."

"They guaranteed that you would always have a job if football isn't there to fall back on. I liked that. Then when we got into football, they took it to a new level. The highlight tape was ridiculous. I haven't seen a better highlight tape in my life."

Orr liked what offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Steve Addazio had to share with the junior linemen on campus. Addazio explained what a tight knit group he expects and usually gets from his troops.

"I talked to Coach Addazio and got to meet a couple of other (junior) offensive linemen like Ian Silberman and Chaz Green," Orr said. "We went into the conference room and talked about the expectations of the offensive linemen at Florida.

"Basically you have to be like family and have to be ready to fight for the person you are standing next to. That is kind of my motto whether I am playing football or doing anything really. If I am going to work with someone on a job or play with someone on the field, I want to know that they have my back. That is the way he recruits everybody and I liked that."

Orr came to Gainesville with his mom and his cousin Adrian Golden who plays running back at Gulf HS. Golden was also the second leading rusher in the state in 2008 with more than 2,500 yards and 38 touchdowns and is also a junior that will be recruited for the class of 2010.

"My mom is a very church going lady and they talked about a preacher they have that comes up from Ocala and that hit home with her right there," Orr said. "She grew up going to church all the time and it definitely hit home. She loves that I play football, but for her it comes down to me getting an education and for me to keep my moral values."

Some may wonder what position he will play in college, but Orr believes he belongs blocking on the outside of the offensive line. His offensive skills seem to dictate that as well.

"I am definitely a tackle," he said. "I didn't get to play it this year because I was at the tight end spot, but a lot of time I was like an extra tackle on the field and every once in a while I would go out and make a play. I am 6-5 and 295 pounds and had 18 catches for 397 yards (22 yards per catch)."

Schools like Florida, South Florida, and Georgia Tech are sending him emails and keeping in contact any way the rules will allow. A lot of other schools are sending mail to his house. Orr did have one favorite growing up.

"My favorite school growing up was Florida," he said. "Everybody in my family is a Florida Gator. I actually grew up liking basketball and not football as much. When I grew up I mainly followed Gator basketball."

He made sure to spend some time with Addazio and get an understanding of exactly what they are looking for at Florida. He also plans on being back relatively soon.

"I talked to Coach Addazio a little one on one (Saturday)," he said. "They like how with my size that I also have good feet. Their offense likes to move and they need linemen that are mobile. They think if I can keep my speed and add some strength, that would be great.

"I plan on attending some of the spring practice and a couple of the linemen camps (at Florida). I came to Friday Night Lights, I really liked that."

As far as looking elsewhere, Orr thinks that he would probably just like to see some different places away from the state and see what others may have to offer.

"A lot of other schools have invited me to come out there, but I just haven't had time to do that," Orr said. "I was thinking about checking out a couple of schools far away. Texas A&M or USC or something like that. I just want to see a different area. I feel like if I am going to stay in this conference or in a close conference, Florida is likely the school I would go to."

SunStateFootball.com, Scout.com's Florida high school recruiting site, rates Orr the No. 1 offensive guard in the state. His position could be debated, but there is no denying his talent. Leon Orr is definitely a 2010 prospect that seems to have his head on straight and one we will follow throughout the process.

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