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As the class of 2009 winds down, the Florida Gators brought in a host of top juniors from throughout the Southeast this past weekend. I wanted to share what a few of them had to say about this past weekend's time spent in Gainesville.

The Gators have more than a few 2010 running backs that they will track throughout summer camps and onto their senior seasons. Two at the top are Roy Finch and Mack Brown. Both are fantastic looking running back prospects and each bring different things to the table. Right now, a running back class of Brown and Finch would be amazing and as of this moment seems possible. I would warn all of you to remember Logan Heastie moving forward, a player that everyone in the world said would be a Gator.

Back to Finch and Brown, both had great things to say about the time they spent in Gainesville as well as all the other players, families and coaches that made the journey this past weekend.

"I liked it a lot and all the coaches are real cool," Brown said. "I think the best part of the visit were the facilities and the coaches and my dad liked it a lot."

Finch has been a board favorite for a long time and does a number of things from his running back position.

"I am doing great," he said. "I just got back from Florida's junior day today. The best part was watching the highlight film of the Gators. It gave me chills and I wanted to play at that moment. I got to meet and hang out with Corvin Lamb and Mack Brown. My coaches went with me and enjoyed the whole experience. They think that I should seriously take a hard look at Florida. Nick Saban came by the school the other day and offered me so that makes Alabama, Oregon and Stanford the three teams that have offered me at this time."

Jonathan Dowling had this to say about his time in Gainesville.

"They offered me and I loved the campus," Dowling said. "I thought it was perfect. My parents both loved it and that is where they want me to go. I think things are great for Florida but I want to visit a few more times to make sure."

Dowling is a player that has been on the radar for a while now but his name is just coming to the surface. He is a player to keep an eye on moving forward.

Kadron Boone has widely been speculated to be a Gator and you will find no argument from me with his relations to the Brantley family.

"Things are looking real good right now," Boone said.

Louis Nix was giving the Gators a serious look before announcing that he was going to play his college ball for the Miami Hurricanes, but he too decided to check out what all the fuss was about in Gainesville.

"Florida is looking great right now," Nix said. "What a great visit and what great people. It is hard not to fall in love with it regardless of where you are committed. I will be around a lot more so it will be good."

Chaz Green and teammate Christian Green also made the trip to Gainesville and both came away very impressed with what the Gators had to offer. Chaz could play defensive tackle or offensive tackle at the next level.

"It looks real good," he said. "I was very impressed with the coaches, school and what they have to offer. My dad was real impressed and we look forward to keeping in touch with the coaches."

Christian Green is as dynamic of a playmaker that you will find in the state of Florida this year and also had rave reviews on the trip.

"It went really well and I loved meeting all the coaches."

The Gators have four tremendously talented players committed for the class of 2010 with two on each side of the ball - quarterback Trey Burton, offensive lineman Ian Silberman and safeties Demar Dorsey and Matt Elam. Both Elam and Dorsey were not able to attend this past weekend for different reasons. Elam and teammate Gerald Christian had a basketball game and Demar Dorsey had a death in the family.

Silberman did make the visit.

"It was great," he said. "I talked to Coach Meyer and Addazio a lot. For the most part, I was hanging out with Corvin Lamb, Louis Nix and some other offensive line players. I also spent time with Trey Burton."

There clearly could have been numerous commitments this past weekend had the Gators wanted to take them. The groundwork has been laid with all who attended, and now the staff will continue to focus on some 2010 out-of-state players that we are tracking and we'll keep you posted on the progress with those players.

Last week I made my class prediction. What I told everyone at that time was I felt like Florida would hold onto everyone they had currently plus add two more with Jelani Jenkins and Josh Evans. From my point of view, I am including Marsalis Teague as a part of this class, however things appear to be entering into a critical stage for he and his family. I expect to speak with him later tonight and have received more than a few messages from him on their state of mind at this point in time.

The next player in line that I felt Florida had the best shot with was Jarvis Jones. Jones is a bit of a character and many have said that he was all Florida including myself but as things change so do decisions and Brandon Spikes returning in my opinion has clearly had an impact on Jarvis. How much of an impact, I guess we will all know on National Signing Day. As of today I do not see him in this class. He could go in any direction at this point between Florida/Texas/LSU/Southern Cal. Many say that he won't go all the way out to Southern Cal, but I believe he wants to get as far away from home as possible. We will see if there is any truth to that come Wednesday.

I want to take a minute to clear things up for those that were not in chat last night or the last couple of days. Yes, Meyer was scheduled to see Marlon Brown this past Friday but Brown had a basketball game meaning that they would not get to spend hardly any time with him or speak with him. Meyer decided to better spend his time a by spending the day with Mrs. Nixon and Xavier Nixon. I don't think anyone can argue that he made the right choice. Marlon Brown is set to announce on ESPN at 2:45 p.m. and everyone expects him to sign with Georgia but look out for the hometown Vols.

Brandon Moore is definitely saying the right things or positive things with regards to the Gators and I am not sure why he would do this because all of these conversations have been off the record. So again, like a few others, we will see what happens in less than two days.

Nu'keese Richardson has told me nothing other than he is all good to go with the Gators, so that's what I am going on at this time until he tells me something else. The way in which he announced and dedicating the story to his mother would make anything other than Florida very surprising to me.

I spoke about a few things pertaining to Andre Debose last week and things that I expected to take place before he even visited Florida State. Like I mentioned in chat, what I was expecting to happen did happen and I think that things are still all good for Debose. I can say that Florida State may not have recruited another player in the history of their program over one single weekend harder than they did Debose. Will he buy into it? I don't think so but we will all know in less than two days.

Orson Charles told me two days ago that if he was Florida he wouldn't be sure that they would hold a scholarship offer for him. And because of that, he couldn't tell me if they were seriously still in this thing.

Once again, I will be in chat starting at 10:00 p.m. tonight, and the chat will be moderated from 10-10:30 for all of you hardcore recruiting fans. Starting at 10:00, everyone will have quiet status, so you'll have to send your questions to Chris (cchmielenski) via person-to-person chat. I will answer them accordingly and as fast as possible to get as many in before 10:30. At 10:30, the chat will open back up to discussion format. Please make sure you are in chat by 10:00 if you want to participate in the moderated chat.

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