Loeffler Ready to Work With Tebow

Florida's new quarterback coach walks into a situation unlike that faced by any other assistant in history. He's now the new mentor for a guy who has done things no college quarterback has ever done before. Instead of taking over at a program that needs its quarterback to play better, Scot Loeffler joins the BCS National Champs with a Heisman Trophy winner running the show.

Still, Scot Loeffler is confident he can bring something to the development of Tim Tebow and the success of the 2009 Florida Gators. Loeffler is just 34 years old, but he has made it to seven bowl games as an assistant with the Michigan Wolverines. Last year he was the quarterbacks coach of the Detroit Lions, and while the Lions did go winless, five quarterbacks combined to pass for 3,299 yards and 18 touchdowns. Wednesday Loeffler sat down with a bunch of media guys to discuss his transition onto the Florida staff.

SL: It's great to be here. What a wonderful opportunity and it's absolutely an honor to be a part of coach Urban Meyer's staff.

LV: Where do you think you can help Tim?

SL: Tim Tebow's a great player. He's probably one of the best players in college football history. But the wonderful thing about the quarterback position (is) anyone from Chad Henne, Tom Brady, Brian Griese all the guys that I've been a part of you've never arrived at the quarterback position. I don't care if you've won five Super Bowls, if you won two Heismans or if you won four national championships there's always something at the position you can work on.

One thing that should aid the transition is that Loeffler and Tebow began establishing a relationship more than five years ago.

SL: I knew Timmy Tebow when he was a sophomore in high school and I recruited him at the University of Michigan. From day one of meeting him the kid had "it", and he'll always have "it". He has a miraculous way of dealing with the public. He's awesome in every sense of the word.

LV: You background has involved more downfield passing schemes than what Florida has right now. Do you hope to add a little but more of that to the offense and is that an area where Tim can develop as well?

SL: Whenever you look at Florida's offense what were they top five in rushing and top five in passing? They've got a great scheme here. Anytime you can add a few things or delete a few things that's always what you're doing in the off-season. In terms of offense, Coach Meyer and Dan Mullen when he was here they put together a terrific scheme and I'm just happy to be a part of it.

MG: There have been a lot of public knocks about Tim as a potential NFL quarterback, just typical things with his arm or his release of whatever it is. With your NFL pedigree will he be a pretty good NFL quarterback?

SL: You're damn right he'll be an NFL quarterback. He's got "it, and there's not too many people across the country that have "it". There might be five, six great NFL players (at the position). As a quarterback you're constantly trying to work and improve on technique, to improve in knowledge and he'll do that. This guy is a work-a-holic and he's got "it" and there's no question in my mind he'll be an NFL player, but we've got to first take care of Florida.

LV: How familiar are you with Johnny Brantley?

SL: Johnny Brantley I recruited also in my last year at the University of Michigan. I knew the family and he comes from great stock. The best thing that ever happens for a college quarterback is he gets to watch a great one in front of him. That has been the trend that I'm used to; develop, develop, develop and then go dominate and that's the plan for Johnny Brantley. He gets the opportunity to watch a great player and he'll develop and we'll see what happens in the future.

LV: Is there any pressure to not mess him up?

SL: (laughing) None whatsoever. That's all Coach Meyer said, "Just don't screw him up". We'll try not to screw him up that's for sure.

Loeffler will get his first chance to work with Tebow and Brantley on the field when spring practice begins on March 25. The annual Orange and Blue Game is set for April 18.

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