Ask Hollywood ....the answers - Part 2

Here is the second part of the "Ask Hollywood" segment where Fightin' Gators posters ask Hollywood Bob Redman just what he is hearing on anything to do with Gator football, basketball, and recruiting. We enlist our readers to ask these questions every so often, and here is the latest of his responses.

Is Steven Wilks still at Fullback?

Well, technically it's H-back, but yes he is still there. To be honest there was a lot of heat about Wilks wanting out and transferring in the fall, but a national championship and all the perks that go along with it have a way of making kids a little happier. We'll see if he still doesn't get playing time and what effect that might have on him in the spring.

This time last year we were all excited about the prospect of a big time running back..Moody. What happened? We would see flashes of a great running back and then he would disappear? What do you expect to see happening with Moody this season..breakout year or more of the same?

This may be the most asked question of the off-season and most asked question after every game that he appeared briefly in this past season. Those that were watching carefully saw him make mistakes when he was entered into the game. The bottom line with Urban Meyer and his offense is to stay on schedule and get close to good yardage on every play so that the offense is not in long third down situations. In both the SEC Championship game and BCS title game Moody made blunders that slowed down the offense. He was inserted early in the game too, so it wasn't as if they weren't giving him a chance. Still, if he continues to make these mistakes, he will continue to be pulled from the games early on.

Originally the thought was that 3 or 4 players would transfer out for the spring semester and now it appears there have been no transfers-are you hearing that after the spring semester we might still lose a couple? and if not-what changed?

Well I already mentioned one. I know of a few others that were certainly half a step out the door. But, like I said, a national championship has a way of curing ill feelings. We saw the same thing in 2006...Jarred Fayson wanted to transfer during that season, but decided to stick it out for 2007 and was unhappy the entire year. There is also this little issue with playing in the BCS game and not being done with the game until the first week of practices are over in the spring. It makes it a little more difficult to transfer that semester. I suspect there will be 1-3 guys that don't like their spots on the depth chart after spring, and will want to go elsewhere. Who they are??? I have no idea at this point and it will have to play out in the spring.

Now that we have won another championship, are you ready to call the '08 defense the greatest in school history or do we have to wait for '09? Also how does Charlie Strong have two championship defenses under his belt and still hasn't been offered a legit big time head coaching gig but Stoops only had 1 and found the promise land?

Not ready to call it the best in school history yet, but that is their stated goal and I certainly think they can get there. I think the biggest thing we are going to see change from the '08 defense to the '09 defense is the play of the defensive line. Outside of Carlos Dunlap, the line lacked a lot of big plays in '08. In my opinion it was destined because of youth and inexperience. Well, this is the year for tat line to mature and I think it will really happen. I look for big time play up front and it should come from all four spots on the defensive line much like it did in 2006. It should be fun.

As far as Strong goes...I don't get it myself. I know he has turned down some lower rated jobs, but he should have been in line for some bigger jobs out there. Still, I think it was good for him to ride this defense out. This defense has a chance to be scary good over the next two years and Strong's stock should only soar.

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