Two Way Lineman Making Noise

Jacksonville, Florida is a hotbed of recruiting for the football class of 2010. The River City usually has its share of talent, but the 2010 crop is a banner year. One of the biggest and most prominent prospects to watch in 2009 is 6-6, 300-pound lineman Tavadis Glenn of Terry Parker HS. Glenn is a special talent with size and skill and someone that is starting to garner a lot of attention.

Tavadis Glenn is a good-natured prospect that is anything but on the football field. With a nasty disposition when he puts on his shoulder pads and uniform, Glenn plays both sides of the ball for Parker and plays them with a mean streak.

During this off-season, Glenn isn't participating in any other sports as he readies himself for football. Last summer, he picked up a training regimen from the Florida Gators and he was able to get his coach to instill that regimen with his own football team.

"I am just focusing on football and my grades right now, Glenn said by phone on Monday. "I am working out and running after school and in my spare time. We do 'Florida' workouts.

"Last summer when I went to the Florida camp I worked out with them. I told my coach about them and showed him how fast paced it was. Right after the bench you have to go directly to the squat, from squat to the power clean and so on. In between there is no rest. I got my coach to do that to make the team better and it's working. We are getting stronger and faster."

Glenn has quite a few written scholarship offers already and knows there are more on the way. However, he understands a few programs are waiting to see just how serious Glenn is in the classroom.

"I have offers from Arkansas, FAU, Clemson, Miami, LSU, Rutgers, and a lot of schools up north," he said. "I think every school in the nation is looking at me and showing interest. I think they just want to see my grades come up.

There is one issue for Glenn right now. It seems he is pretty good on either side of the ball, and schools are recruiting him that way too.

"A lot of schools are recruiting me at offensive tackle and a lot at defensive tackle," he said. " Florida wants me at defensive tackle."

He is also torn as to where he might be the best although he likes playing on defense.

"I think I am most dominant at defensive tackle, but I know I play outstanding at offensive tackle," he said. "When I get down in my stance on offense I can tell you where every person on the line is lined up and who they are blocking. I know the whole field. On defense, my whole purpose is to get off the block and make a tackle. That's easy in high school because the average offensive lineman in high school is 240 pounds and I am 6-6 and 300 pounds."

One of Glenn's many friends in Jacksonville is another big time player. Raines HS defensive tackle Louis Nix has been friends with Tavadis Glenn for a while. The two have been matched up for the last couple of years on the gridiron and Glenn has his hands full when going against the five-star Nix.

"We have been competing since the ninth grade (at combines and camps)," he said. " In 10th grade it was the first time I played against him. We won by a point and he was over me the whole game. He is an animal. If he puts his hands on you, you are beat. That is how I am too. We play the same as we both use our hands a lot."

Glenn said he learned to use his hands and several other techniques at a camp put on by the Jacksonville Jaguars with some of the stars of the defensive line on the NFL team.

"I learned it from John Henderson, Marcus Stroud, and Paul Spicer at a camp with the Jaguars," he said about his ability to dominate his opponents with his hands. "Also, when I watch football, I don't watch what is going on (with the ball) I just usually watch the offensive and defensive line."

Glenn gave top six schools of Miami, LSU, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, and Florida State and he talked about each of them. He has offers from Miami, LSU, Arkansas, and is waiting on offers from Georgia, Florida and Florida State.

Miami: "They were my team growing up. In my early years they were all I saw on ESPN. I just learned about them. Now I know they have a good business school and they also have a good football team and coaching staff. Coach Hurt and I keep in contact with each other.

LSU: "They would be a nice fit for me. They have some of the top defensive tackles in the NFL. They have the most dominant defensive line almost every year in college and they are coached well. I want to go in the NFL. I talk to the receivers coach at LSU. Glenn Dorsey is who I mold my game after because he is an absolute mauler."

Arkansas: "I am interested in them, but I'm from the city. I just don't know how I would respond in that town, but if I take a visit there and I like it, they will probably be in my top five."

Georgia: "When I graduate from high school, my mom and dad are moving to Atlanta. I don't want to go somewhere that I don't know anyone. I like their offensive line, they are maulers. The last few years I have watched the offensive line and they are good. If I go there I will probably play left tackle."

Florida State: "I talk to Odell Haggins on a monthly basis, but we don't talk that much. I like them okay."

Glenn visited Florida last summer at the Gators Friday Night Lights camp. It was definitely an impression making visit for Glenn.

"They saw me on film and know what I can do on offense," he said. "Coach McCarney was a great guy last year at Friday Night Lights when I met him. He brought us over there and taught me some things I still use like my swim move. He taught us a lot of technique things that I use.

"I like their players and their coaching staff. I want to win a national title in college. I think at Florida, Miami, or LSU I would more than likely win a national title. When I saw the national championship ring on Urban Meyer's hand, that is what got me really thinking about the University of Florida.

"It was something different. I have never seen anything like it. I have seen it on the television, but in person it was just so different. I always saw in my mind the Gators and saw The Swamp, but when I was there it felt like I was at home and basically I am waiting to see if they offer me to see what I can do."

Glenn's recruiter at Florida is assistant coach Scot Loeffler who recruits the Jacksonville area. According to the rules, Glenn has to call Loeffler in order to talk to him, and he has done that a few times.

"I talked to Coach Loeffler and called him the other day," Glenn said. "He talks about getting me to be a Gator, but they haven't offered me a scholarship yet. He wants me to be a better overall person. In order to succeed in football I need to have my school work first."

Glenn's school work is coming around and all the extra work is already paying off. He is so close to being qualified, but understands he has to make the final steps to ensure that the process happens the way he wants it to.

"I am working on it, I am almost there with a 2.4 core GPA," he said. "I am taking the big tests in April, but I'm not worried about it, I am treating it like it's a piece of cake. I know I can take it again, so I am not going to worry about it and just be ready for it."

As far as making a college decision, he has his priorities set on that.

"I am not going to make a decision any time soon," he said. "I really just need to focus on school and focus on getting better all around. I will probably choose sometime during the middle or end of next season.

"I will pick a school based on my visits and wherever I feel at home and the campus I like. I want to like the people in the town, the players, and the coaching staff." will continue to cover the progress of Tavadis Glenn on and off the field.

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