Demarco Cobbs Surprised by it All

It isn't as if he questioned his own ability. DeMarco Cobbs just thought that folks weren't going to be interested in talent from the state of Oklahoma. With Florida, California, and Texas prospects getting the publicity most of the time, Cobbs resigned himself to the notion that he would be looked over by schools from those respective states. Well, a funny thing happened on the way to notoriety.

Demarco Cobbs is an electric player from Tulsa (OK) Central HS and can play a multitude of positions if asked to and his ability to make people miss is what gets him noticed. Then colleges find out that Cobbs is 6-2 and 201 pounds already as a high school junior, doing what he does at that size makes him a bit unique. The attention kind of started all at once according to Cobbs.

"It's been going pretty good, at first I didn't know how to handle it," Cobbs said of all the attention from coaches and recruiting services. "I was stressed out, but now I have adjusted to the whole recruiting thing pretty good. I didn't think I was going to be one of the top dogs, because I just see the kids from California and Florida and other places. I work real hard, but people always talk about how fast they are from Florida and when I went to San Antonio for the Army Combine, they were fast, but they weren't as fast as I thought they would be. I actually separated myself from them and realized they needed to keep up with me."

Right now, Cobbs is out of football season and will be participating on his high school track team. He runs in a multitude of events, but is a bit of a novice in track and wants to improve his times.

"Everything is going pretty good. I am running track right now," he said. "I am running the 100 meters, the 200 meters, the 4x100, and 4x400, this is the first year I am running the 100 meters. The best time I have run is a 10.62. My goal is to get a 10.3 or so. I know I can do it easily, I haven't worked on it very much yet."

Some big time programs from coast to coast are after Cobbs and he has started to try and differentiate the group listing a top eight teams for the moment. Texas, Florida, LSU, USC, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Auburn are all looking good to him right now, but he has not eliminated anyone from contention. He talked about each of these.

Texas: "I like the big time receivers they put out like Limus Sweed and Roy Williams. I just like that they came out of high school with skills similar to mine."

LSU: "I like the SEC and I like their style of play. There is something about them watching them on television. When you play in the SEC on every Saturday its easy to lose so you have to come with your A-game."

Auburn: "I always liked the two running backs, Carnell Williams and Ronnie Brown. I would have loved to see Auburn play USC for that national championship a few years ago. I like the winning tradition that they have and all those years in the Top 25."

Tennessee: "There are a few kids there that are from Oklahoma. Gerald Jones and Robert Meachum have been successful at Tennessee and it seems they like Oklahoma kids."

Arkansas: "I know they are trying to rebuild and it seems like a great place to play football. When I went down there, the campus was really nice and very clean."

Oklahoma: "They have a high flying offense. I like the offense and the way they use their receivers and I am considering them, but it is too early to tell."

USC: "They are like Florida and LSU, those three are always in the mix for the national championship. I have a lot of family out there from when I was young. I love their winning tradition. I just heard from USC (Wednesday)."

The Florida Gators will look to sign upwards of four receivers in 2010 after losing a couple this year and three or four more by the end of the 2009 season. Cobbs looks to be up the board on that wish list as a receiver and his skill set certainly fits what they like from the position. He understands he would be a good fit at Florida.

"Their style of offense they run is the spread and they put out big time players too," Cobbs said. "They are known for fast players and I am pretty fast too. I feel like I can go down there and compete with those guys and get an education too while I am down there. I am definitely taking an official visit down to Florida. I am also going to try and get down there this summer."

Though only on the job for a little over a month, assistant coaches Brian White and Scot Loeffler seem to be making great in-roads in recruiting for the Gators. Cobbs likes what he is hearing from both Gator assistants.

"Coach White and Coach Loeffler are recruiting me," he said. "I am going to give Coach Meyer a call too. They said they were real excited about me and want me to play receiver. When I was talking to Coach Loeffler he said they want me to come and be a big time playmaker."

Talking to Cobbs it is easy to get the impression that he is wide open in the process. To that end, he knows a few things that he is looking for when he decides on a final college destination.

"When I make a decision its going to be about being able to trust the coaches throughout the process, he said. "I just want to get to know them. Location will not be a factor at all in the decision. I also want to come in and play or start as a true freshman and also want to make sure that these coaches are going to be there while I am in college.

This one looks like another big battle among the heavyweights in college recruiting and although Cobbs may have never saw it coming, he will have his hands full keeping all the big boys off of him.

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