Weekend Visitor's Recap

The Florida Gators had a host of top prospects scheduled in this weekend, some made it, some didn't. But Florida did pick up a huge verbal commitment with safety Jonathan Dowling. Here is a little of what some of the others are saying.

Ian Silberman on this weekend's visit:
"We went to the weight room first and I saw Loeffler and Addazio and they gave us a tour of all the new equipment. Then all the OL met up with Addazio in his office. My dad and I were amazed with all that technology. It was pretty cool knowing that I will be using that stuff for the next four or five years. He talked about how recruiting is changing and things like that and factors that you should look out for. The Florida staff wants to get to know prospects better before they offer to make sure it's what they want. Spending more time with the coaches was the best part for me. I talked to Trey [Burton] for a little bit and Chaz [Green] and Brent [Benedict] as well as Louis [Nix]."

Louis Nix:
"It was exciting and I want to be a part of it but I have to wait. It's just hard for me now with all the pressure and trying to please others."

B.J. Butler:
"My coach wasn't able to come get me today so I wasn't able to get to Gainesville, but I will definitely be there next weekend when they play Kentucky."

Chaz Green:
"It was real good. I like how I got close with all the coaches and especially Coach Addazio and he likes to push you and work you but that's good for you. Coach Meyer told us what he thinks about all of us and was walking us through everything and how he wants us to come back up for spring practice. We will be back up at UF. My dad was real impressed and he likes those guys a bunch and they care about the players. I was surprised at how much of a family atmosphere UF is and that everyone gets along and they are a real close family group which is what I am looking for."

Leon Orr:
"It was straight. They showed us around the school and a group of us went over to the game like Trey [Burton]. It was all pretty casual. The game was okay but Florida was getting whipped pretty good, Tennessee was raining with them threes. I talked to Coach McCarney most of the time and he wants to see if I can be a defensive player and I don't care as long as I have on the jersey I will play safety if I need to. The best part for me was meeting all the different players and stuff like that and players that I would be playing with."

Christian Green:
"It was great. We got a chance to talk to Coach Meyer and we had a great time and Chaz and I will be back up in the spring. He was telling us about Florida and how he wants us to be Gators and wants us to come up as much as possible. This was the first time he met my dad. My dad really enjoyed it and loves the family atmosphere and they are a real down to earth program. The best part for me was talking to Billy G and watching some tape showing us how they will use me and how much they want me and so that was a great thing. I saw Trey but didn't get a chance to talk to him hopefully next time I will spend some time with him."

Terrence Mitchell:
"I didn't go today because I couldn't find a way to get up there. It was real disappointing but I have a lot of time to get to know all the coaches."

Trey Burton:
"It went real good. We got there a little late because we went to pick Christian [Jones] up but it was a lot of fun. We met up with Coach Loeffler and we went and watched the game for a little bit. Then we went back to Coach Meyer's office and saw some highlight tapes of the team. It was real cool watching the highlights from last year. The best part of this trip for me was getting Christian to Florida today and we got a chance to chill and every time I go up I want him to go up with me because I want to play with him in the future."

Christian Jones:
"The game was awesome and when we got there we met with Coach Meyer and met up with Tim Tebow. That was real cool. When I met up with Coach Strong they took me around and showed me the weight room and the lockers and stuff. The facilities were real nice. I thought about playing with Trey at the next level and hopefully we can make that happen. Right now with basketball over I am in weightlifting and will get ready for some AAU basketball."

Terrence Brooks:
"We went up and the coaches came up and greeted me and I had a chance to speak with Coach Vance Bedford. He was telling me what they needed in defensive backs and showing me drills and what they want their players to play like. The coaches all told me that they want me to be a Gator. They told me that I would really fit in but things are still early. They want to come to the school and see how things progress. I didn't know what to expect but I did met up with Coach Meyer and he said that he wants me to be a Gator so I think it will be soon."

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