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[MEDIA:33171]<BR> Check out's EXCLUSIVE video footage of high school football and basketball prospects such as Ernie Sims, Antonio Cromartie, Justin Midgett, Earl Everett and Gator bball freshman Anthony Roberson, Mario Boggan and Matt Walsh. You don't want to miss this.<img src=>

At UFI, not only do you get great Gator recruiting coverage, you can also watch their video profiles. Here are some samples of what you may have missed over the past few months. If you have seen them before, check out the amazing footage once again. The videos are very easy to download. Any questions, just leave them on one of the message boards.

In the coming weeks, UFI will spotlight more ELITE prospects that could end up at UF.

Ernie Sims

Antonio Cromartie

Earl Everett

Justin Midgett

Chris Leak

Demetris Summers

Check out these three in the high school gym from last season before they suited up for the Gators and Coach Billy Donovan.

Mario Boggan

Matt Walsh

Anthony Roberson

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