SEC Slapped by Selection Committee

The last time the SEC had to settle for three berths in the NCAA Basketball Tournament Don DeVoe was taking a wrecking ball to the Florida program and Kentucky was on probation. So it's appropriate in a way that both Kentucky and Florida are among SEC teams on the outside looking in when only three SEC teams made the field of 65 for this year's Big Dance.

For the past month I've been telling people the SEC would get better treatment than the RPI numbers might indicate. Each time I pointed out that with SEC Commissioner Mike Slive chairing the selection committee the league would get one bonus bid, maybe two.

I was completely mistaken. It appears Commissioner Slive not only left the meeting, he left the planet when SEC teams were under consideration. Where every other selection committee chair has snagged an extra berth or two for his league, Slive came up empty for the SEC. The quiet, genial Slive is not someone I would ever picture as a lobbyist. That's simply not his style. Nor am I criticizing the man in any way shape or form. It's just that SEC teams have been hurt by the blatant lobbying and posturing by other committee chairs over the years and it kinda stings when the SEC Commissioner has the audacity to conduct himself professionally by comparison.

Still I find it hard to accept that SEC Champ LSU only warrants a No. 8 seed and it's appalling that SEC Tournament Champ Mississippi State was given the No. 13 seed. That's just insulting to the league. Tennessee at No. 9 is probably about right, but overall the SEC cannot look at this bracket with anything but disappointment.

It just goes to show prove one thing; you should never send a gentleman to do a lobbyist's job.

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