Barnett Likely Looking to go out of State

At 6-3, 310-pounds, defensive tackle Calvin Barnett from Tulsa (OK) Booker T. Washington High School is sitting with a total of seven offers.

"I have offers from Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas State, Texas Tech, Iowa State and Tennessee," Barnett said. "I am not sure about the other offers. My mom has a ton of mail that has come to her work and I think that Oklahoma State might have offered but I am not sure."

While Calvin Barnett is getting attention from major out-of-state programs, it's the in-state schools that haven't shown much interest.

"The in-state schools haven't been in contact with me that much to be honest with you, not like the out-of-state programs," he said. "I am pretty sure that I am going to end up leaving the state. My mom and sister don't want me to go too far away so we will see what happens."

Barnett remembers the day he found out the national champs came calling.

"I was walking in school one day to see my head coach and all these people kept coming up to me and saying 'have you heard about who offered you?' and I said, 'no, who?" Barnett said. "They told me the Gators and I couldn't believe what they were saying and then my coach came up and told me that I had the offer from Florida. I was in a state of shock, man this is crazy. If we can make the arrangements I would love to go check out Gainesville."

While distance will be a bit of a factor for Barnett, he admits that if one of his close personal friends were to end up at Florida that would help a lot.

"DeMarco Cobbs and I are real tight we have known each other since we played little league football," he said. "We have always been real good so we knew about each other and then one year we played on the same AAU basketball team and have been tight ever since then and just bonded with each other. If we were to go together we would have an even tighter bond so even though Florida isn't that close we would know each other and would go through everything together and it would make it feel like home. His team (Tulsa Central) and my team both play our home games on the same field, they even have their name on our home scoreboard."

"I talk to Coach White," Barnett Said. "He was telling me how much they like me and everything but I still need to take the ACT and once I do that things will heat up. I think I am going to take the test on April 4."

"Florida is a team that takes great pride on the defensive line and that's what I want to be a part of," he said. "They understand you can't win without the defensive line doing its job and that's what I was raised to believe so that is important to me. I watched the line play against Oklahoma and they looked great. I knew they were going to win that game. I know they lost some players and I just need to evaluate where they are at with the defensive tackles that they have and how many they plan to take in this year's class."

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