Ingram Impressive at Pro Day

Cornelius Ingram didn't get a chance to impress during his final season as a Gator due to a knee injury, but he made up for lost time Wednesday afternoon at the Gators' pro scout day. Ingram showed himself to be in a great shape and displayed excellent hands in pass catching drills.

Most projections have Ingram as a third round draft pick, but if he is this good during individual workouts he just might move up.

Ingram began the day running the 40-yard dash in 4.71 and 4.68 seconds. I know there have been some faster times reported, and that's not necessarily correct or incorrect. Unlike the official NFL combine in Indianapolis, this workout has 50 different hand held stopwatches trying to get an accurate reading. Ingram had no problems with other drills, but was particularly impressive running a variety of routes and catching passes from former Gator quarterback Doug Johnson.

After the workout, Ingram talked with media guys about how it went.

MG: Is the knee still an issue?

CI: "Definitely not an issue. I think going into the combine I was thinking about it a lot more, but today I totally relaxed. (I just) came out and didn't feel anything and I felt good throughout the day."

MG: Because you missed the season is the more pressure to perform today?

CI: "No doubt. Sitting out the entire no one sees you catching the ball, making blocks and things like that. The combine and the pro day are very important to me from the position I was in."

MG: Why did you choose Drew Rosenhaus to be your agent?

CI: "When I chose Drew coming off the knee injury (it was because) he kinda went through the same thing with Willis McGahee the year he came out for the draft coming off a knee injury (2003). He's already been in that position and he represents some of the best tight ends in the league. He's a real go-getter. He's going to get to the teams and make sure my medical reports are there. He's telling teams that I'm healthy, and I'm sure they saw that today."

MG: Is there any concern they haven't seen you enough in a true tight end setting?

CI: "I think going into last spring we put in a lot of two tight end packages with me and Aaron (Hernandez). It worked out pretty good because the video staff here was able to get it all out – the films from spring to all the coaches so they see me attached a lot more. Of course it's not a game, but the fact that they can see me in a three point stance coming off the ball, making blocks and coaching passes definitely helps."

MG: What was the most important thing you showed today?

CI: "That my knee is 100 percent. Honestly I think they knew that I was a pretty good athlete and I can play football. They just wanted to see that my knee was 100 percent and I think I showed that today.

Cornelius Ingram finished his Gator career with 64 receptions for 888 yards and eight touchdowns. One of his best games came in the BCS Title Game his sophomore season when he caught four passes for 58 yards against Ohio State.

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