Harvin Looks To Catch On Early

NFL Draft experts are comparing former Gator receiver Percy Harvin to New Orleans Saints combo back Reggie Bush. However that doesn't mean Harvin is going to be chosen near the top of next month's NFL draft. Most mock drafts seem to place the explosive all purpose runner somewhere in the 17-25 range of round one.

That's still a ton of money, but each place is worth a little less money so the sooner you go the better.

Harvin skipped running on Florida's pro scout day, but shined as a pass catcher along with former teammates Louis Murphy and Cornelius Ingram (aka: Big C). Afterwards he talked about the day and what comes next with the media guys.

MG: Why did you decide not to run today?

PH: "A lot of the scouts knew I was still hurtin'. Actually I put my shoes on and was going to run and the said they had seen me enough and knew that I was fast. The main thing they wanted to see was how I run my routes and get out of my breaks."

MG: Any teams showing particular interest?

PH: "I don't think you can say any specific team. A lot of teams are interested and they had questions whether or not I can run routes and how I come out of my breaks and my hands. I had a great workout today and we'll see (who shows more interest)."

MG: Any individual workouts already scheduled?

PH: "Yeah I got about 8-to-10. I've got a special teams workout with the Giants tomorrow so I gotta do that and keep rolling; also the Dolphins, Jets, Minnesota, Tampa and Baltimore."

MG: How are teams indicating they are going to use you? Is it as a running back/wide receiver? Is it a return specialist?

PH: "A lot of them are talking about being in the slot against a linebacker so I think I'll do that. I'll probably come into the backfield and run some screens. Kinda like what I did here, but more on the outside."

Harvin said he did the bench press, broad jump and vertical jump in the weight room before hitting the field. I asked him how he feels about being examined, poked and prodded to such an extent.

PH: "Actually the combine is probably the most exhausting thing I've ever gone through in my life. When they invest a lot of money I guess they want to know what they're putting out (for). Everything checked out good. I'm clear. I'm healthy right now."

LV: Have you had to spend time learning different routes or working harder on particular routes?

PH: "It wasn't about learning (new routes) just perfecting them. I always ran the posts and the digs in practice but didn't get to work them in the game. Actually the comeback (route) I didn't run really that in practice so the comeback was a newer route."

LV: How much are you and Louis helping each other prepare?

PH: "Oh tremendously. Since he's been back from Pensacola it's been me and him grinding. When "Big C" came out here we really got to work. We're all pretty cool and we'll all remain here and keep grinding and get ready for our next workout."

MG: Why are you staying here to prepare for the workouts instead of going to one of those special training centers?

PH: "I feel like Coach Mick (Mickey Marotti) is second to none. He's brought out the best in me ever since I got to Florida so I'm sticking with what got me here and I'm gonna ride it all the way out."

Percy Harvin ended his Gator career with 1,852 rushing yards and 1,929 yards as a receiver. He scored 32 touchdowns, 19 as a runner and 13 catching passes. He had six 100-yard rushing games and six contests with 100 yards receiving. He accomplished both in the 2007 Vanderbilt game; the only time in school history that's ever been done. He was named first team All-American by the AFCA and the Walter Camp Foundation. He ended his career on a high note, rushing for 122 yards and receiving for another 49 in the Gators BCS National Title win over Oklahoma.

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