Two-Time Champs Get Their Pro Day

It is the most celebrated senior class yet. The only group of seniors to leave as two-time national champions was on Florida field to perform in front of Pro Scouts on Wednesday. Urban Meyer felt a little emotion on this day knowing his prized pupils were heading off to make themselves a living and also understanding that he won't be able to coach them again. Meyer spoke about Pro Day afterward.

Florida loses a hand full of offensive players to graduation and early entry into the NFL. Offensive tackles Phil Trautwein and Jason Watkins, running back Kestahn Moore, tight ends Tate Casey and Cornelius Ingram, and receivers Louis Murphy and Percy Harvin were all doing there thing on Florida field Wednesday.

Not to be forgotten and one person that could be sorely missed, four year long snapper James Smith also worked out for the scouts. He was joined by former Gator players Lutrell Alford and Clint McMillan.

Meyer was all smiles knowing his group had a good day on the grass at The Swamp on Wednesday.

"I'm so proud of those guys," Meyer said to the media following the event. "This is bitter sweet because we are saying goodbye to some of these guys. To watch the amount of hard work coming out here, the two linemen, the receivers, K-Mo (Moore), and James Smith had a great day. This was a good day for those guys."

Of particular interest on this day was the steady work out of Cornelius Ingram. The Gator tight end missed his entire senior season due to injury and was practically the face of Florida football before and after the injury. His story will be one of the better ones when he lands on an NFL roster.

"He has such a great family, he has his degree and is going to get a good shot to play in the NFL," Meyer said of Ingram. "The coaches and scouts were saying good things about him."

There was still some trepidation with Meyer as Ingram worked out on the field Wednesday. He has full faith that Ingram has healed and is 100 percent from his injury, but the way it happened, was something that always be ingrained in his memory.

"I always worry about it, because of the way it happened," Meyer said of Ingram's injury. "I will never forget that day as long as I live...nothing happened...a non-contact injury and all of a sudden a freak athlete and a great person that came back his last year and he couldn't play. Of course I was worried, but he looked tremendous."

The other main attraction on the day is probable first-round pick Harvin. Some have questioned Harvin's durability, but Meyer says him missing games has more to do with him throwing his body into everything he does. Meyer would sign a roster of Percy Harvin's if he had a team.

"There are no questions about Percy," Meyer said. "Does he get injured once in a while because he's a reckless football player? Yes. There are a lot of players that run out of bounds and slip, but Percy is as good as I've seen coming through tackles. He's reckless and only 195 pounds,. There are no questions."

Meyer likes Pro day because he gets to talk to the teams that are looking at his players. He tries to promote an open door policy with teams that want to listen to him about what his players bring to the table.

"I talk to the great NFL franchises," Meyer said. "I wish there were more communication between the NFL. We have great relationships with most franchises. The other ones...I don't know how they get their information."

The information collected on Wednesday was mostly good according to the Gator head coach.

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