Nation's Top Receiver Almost State Champ

Justin McCay is one of the most sought after prospects in America for the class of 2010. The 6-4, 200 pound receiver has the size and agility to make him a big time weapon early in his college career. Some of his presence on the football field comes from being an elite basketball player as well. McCay returned home this week from a trip to the state championship game a little disappointed.

It was a close one, but Justin McCay and his Shawnee Mission (KS) Bishop Miege team came one buzzer beating shot away from claiming a state championship. McCay poured in 17 points and 14 rebounds in the effort, but after a shot block and a quick put back with the buzzer sounding while the ball was in the air, Bishop Miege left Topeka with a second place achievement and a new found hunger to finish the deed next season.

"We had a good season, one of the best we ever had," McCay said by phone earlier in the week. "We had a few bad plays in the final game and lost by one shot. Next year we will be a lot better. Everyone is coming back and when you get this close it makes you hungry."

"J-Mac" as his friends call him will now be able to spend all of his time this spring and summer on football, a sport where college coaches from all over the country are knocking on the door of his high school coach to try and get a foot in the door with the big wide receiver. It seems new schools are coming after him every day.

"I usually run track, but not this year," McCay said. "I am going to work out for football and get a job. Recruiting is going pretty well. A lot of new schools are on me hard Tennessee, Oklahoma State. I get emails and mail every day from everyone.

Two new schools have come into the mix a little bit and McCay will likely check them out.

"North Carolina and Texas A&M have recently offered and I have been talking to Texas A&M a lot lately," McCay said. "I like their program and their atmosphere.

"North Carolina, when I watch them it is just real appealing to me. I don't know why but I really like it."

J-Mac had hoped to narrow it down to a list of five a few weeks ago, but more and more programs started looking into him and it just became impossible to say no to some of them.

"It is so hard to narrow it many good programs," he said.

When asked about the Gators and where they stand, McCay knows the boys from Gainesville are near the top of his lost.

"Florida is on me pretty good too," he said. Florida will be in my top five...well, it's hard to say a real top five right now, but I know them, Mizzou, and Oklahoma will be in my top ten for sure."

He talked about the three programs.

Oklahoma: "They win. They pass the ball so well and they always have a good quarterback."

Missouri: "They run the spread. The quarterback coach is recruiting me and I like the way they run the offense."

"The Gators always have a good quarterback," he said. "Like Coach Meyer says, they are always going to win. I want to go to a program like that where I will be pushed to the highust level so I can play at the next level."

Playing at the highest level is a big issue for McCay and where is looking. The fact that two NFL teams have come knocking on the door for Gator receiver coach Billy Gonzales cannot hurt the Gators when it comes to where he is looking to play. McCay said he often talks to the Florida wide receiver coach.

"Coach Gonzales, we talk about life stuff," McCay said. "He talks about how they graduated everyone and only signed one and stuff like that. He said I would play receiver, slot, wing, a little bit of everything."

McCay also talks to Urban Meyer on occasion.

"I talk to Coach Meyer about how the team is going to be and what their strengths are," he said.

It may be a hard pull for the Gators as McCay struggles with a decision to go to school. A single parent, his father isn't in the best of health and that is of the utmost concern for McCay.

"My dad is a big part of the process," he said. "It is all my decision, but I care what he thinks about. He's not healthy, so if he gets sick, I don't want to be to far so I can get back in case something happens. At the same time, I have to do what I have to do."

He does plan on visiting Gainesville some time in the next few months.

"I will visit Florida during spring ball time because I'm not playing spring sports this year," he said.

A dynamic big receiver is something the Gators haven't really landed since Urban Meyer's arrival at Florida. It is something that would fit well and exactly the description one would use on Justin McCay. He is one we will have to continue to follow throughout the process.

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