Bostic Certainly Looks the Part

The Gator football team didn't have much of a need for linebackers in the most recent recruiting cycle, but that didn't stop Urban Meyer and his staff from signing a pair of the top 10 at their positions according to Jelani Jenkins will join the Gators this summer, but Jon Bostic is already on campus and making an impression.

The 6-1, 235-pounder from Palm Beach Central High School is jumping right into the mix as a possible replacement for Brandon Spikes in 2010.

He joins the loaded group of linebackers that includes Dustin Doe, Brandon Hicks, A.J. Jones, Ryan Stamper and Lerentee McCray among others.

Bostic was allowed to freelance through much of his high school career playing safety at times and rushing the passer at others. His first day on the field with the Gators provided a rude awakening for the multi-talented rookie defender. Bostic found out quickly that the Florida Gators believe in assignment first and instinct second. He spoke with me afterwards.

LV: What was it like to finally be out here?

JB: "A little frustrating first day fitting in with everybody else. They already know all the plays already and I don't really know anything. I only really knew one package."

LV: Is that the hardest thing about the transition; coming from a defense where you knew everything to now where you are starting all over?

JB: "Yeah, that's definitely the hardest thing right now. I just have to study, get everything down and watch a little film."

LV: What appears to be the biggest difference in this defense and what you were playing in high school?

JB: "It's a learning experience for me because it's my first time really playing linebacker. Most of the time I was all over the field playing safety, corner, you know just flying around. Now I'm at a position."

LV: Did that make it tougher today (Wednesday)?

JB: "Well kinda because they (the coaches) expect you to know everything right away. I'm used to playing outside and all over really. But here the "Mike" (MLB) is calling out the plays and telling everyone what to do. I'm the new guy and not knowing what to do makes it harder on me."

LV: How is Brandon Spikes involved with all of this?

JB: "Spikes has been trying to teach me everything so far. He's having me stand behind him during practice so I learn stuff. I'm just trying to listen and take everything in right now."

LV: How has the transition been off the field as far as feeling like part of the team in general and linebacking corps in particular?

JB: "They've all been taking us under their wing. Aaron Hernandez has really taken Desmond (Parks) out there right now. It's the same thing with the linebackers. Doe, Spikes, all the guys got me through spring workouts and now they've got to get me through spring ball too."

If you take one look at Jon Bostic you'll think, that's a linebacker. Certainly he has some work to do in developing his physique, but his transition to this level will be more mental than physical. While it's awfully early for predictions it appears unlikely he will see much time on the Florida defense. However don't be surprised to see him paying his dues on special teams before competing for that "Mike" spot when Spikes heads to the NFL at the end of the season.

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