Green Impressed Again with Gators

Chaz Green is one of the top offensive linemen in the Southeast and a member of the Southeast Top 150 checking in at number 38. At 6-6 and just less than 280-pounds, he is being recruited by teams all across the country, but one team is starting to separate itself from the rest of the pack, the Florida Gators.

From Tampa (FL) Catholic, Chaz Green talked about what it was like watching the defending national champs take the field.

"It went really good today and I am really starting to like the Gators a lot right now," he said. "The more and more I come here the more I like them. I had a chance to speak with Coach Addazio before and after practice and he was telling me how much I mean to the Gator program. My dad thought it was great plus he likes the Southeastern Conference a lot. I thought the best part about the visit was watching them practice. Flat out intensity all over the field. Everyone has motivation to get better and they show a true family atmosphere but it thrives on competition at the same time."

Speaking of Mr. Green I had a chance to catch up with him for a brief minute.

"Man practice was great," Mr. Green said. "I was very impressed with the staff as a group and how they worked together. They have no egos on that team and it shows on the field. They show intense energy during the practice and it was very impressive. At the same time they are phenomenal teachers that show the right technique and take time to correct mistakes during the practice."

"Those guys don't have success on accident I can tell you that. They have the right group of adults in there and it's just a phenomenal group of adults. Having the right staff together with all the assistant coaches knowing what to do and having that understanding allows Coach Meyer to do his thing and it was great to watch. I really like the Gators right now."

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