Billy G Wants More From Gator Receivers

We're just a few practices into spring drills for the 2009 Gator football team but there's one Florida coach who is more than a little disappointed. Gator receivers coach Billy Gonzales has seen various players have good practices in the first few workouts, but nobody is having good practices day in and day out.

I spoke with "Coach G" after Wednesday's practice and he was less than complimentary about his charges.

LV: Billy you've had a few workouts this spring, what do you see out of your guys?

BG: "Right now we're not making very many plays. We need to be consistent in what we're doing and we have to make plays. When your number is called you have to make plays and that's not happening now so we have to get better."

LV: With Percy and Louis out of the mix is anyone stepping up and saying I'm going to be a guy you can count on?

BG: "Not right now."

LV: Is that disappointing to you?

BG: "Very much so."

LV: Is there one particular thing you can put your finger on?

BG: "We've got to be consistent. I've gotta do a better job and my guys gotta do a better job. We need some playmakers to step up and run with it. Right now that's not happening."

LV: You've mentioned consistency is that one or two key guys or….

BG: "It's everybody, period. They have to be at a level of competitive excellence every time they take a snap on the football field. If you're not, you're not going to be a good football player. Right now we're not doing that, so I've got to do a better job of getting my guys ready to play."

LV: You have three redshirt freshmen who haven't been out here much. Are they showing any encouraging signs?

BG: "A little bit. We still have a lot of development to do with all of them as well so time will tell."

Carl Moore has probably been the best of the veteran receivers while Frankie Hammond looks like the best of the young guys to this point. Billy Gonzales is a tough guy to please; all good coaches are, but this is different. It appears there were a number of passes that could have been caught but were not grabbed at Wednesday's workout. Obviously that's not just my opinion. If you want a new key to the rest of the spring it may well be the emergence of Moore, David Nelson and Deonte Thompson as reliable threats in the Florida passing game.

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