Wilson Healthy and Making Most of It

Florida sophomore offensive lineman James Wilson is finally healthy. After a knee injury his freshman year, an arm injury as a redshirt freshman, Wilson started out this January with stress fractures in each of his feet.

After being diagnosed 100 percent healthy this spring, Wilson has all but cemented his spot as the starting left guard and after a couple of years of painful misery, he is enjoying getting better.

It has been one thing or another for James Wilson since he arrived on campus in the summer of 2007. The injuries mounted for two seasons and as late as January, he was in a motorized scooter running around campus for a month as both feet were healing from fractures.

"I was really limited," Wilson said. "I was trying to keep my head on straight and not get down like I did last year. I just wanted to work hard."

Work hard he has done and has excelled so far this spring along the offensive line. Wilson is a powerfully built guard that absolutely punishes people in front of him. Right now, as he leans on defenders, he is also trying to build stamina to get to a level he considers his best. For the moment, just working out trying to get to that point is a blessing.

"It was great to finally have my mind cleared for spring ball and just go out and get a spot," Wilson said earlier this week. "I just am trying to finish practice. I was out with my broken feet for most of the off-season. Now I am just trying to finish practice and get through and work on my technique while I am tired."

With two seniors gone from last season's national championship offensive line, Wilson understands and has been told numerous times what kind of task is ahead for him and his line mates.

"It's a lot of responsibility and Coach Meyer never lets me forget what I am going for," he said. "That left guard spot is open and someone else could take it any day."

He understands there is no rest for the weary and that Florida recruits players to play and that there are others that could play if Wilson cannot respond to the challenge put forth.

"Definitely," he said about recognizing the competition for 'his' spot. "I have to come in every day knowing that someone else is there to take my spot."

That doesn't look likely so far as Wilson has emerged as one of the bright spots this spring along an offensive line that is battling other injuries right now. He has been a stalwart force in the middle and an anchor as a third year player that the staff looks to be able to depend on.

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