Scrimmage 2 - Defense Wins Again

The weather was absolutely perfect Saturday morning and the Florida Gators scrimmaged for over two hours in front of a few hundred people in the grass watching on. The offense definitely had it's moments even with a banged up line, but the defense prevailed once again in what has become a broken record this spring. Here is a rough play-by-play and account of just how things went down on Saturday.

The Gators started off the scrimmage portion kicking off, but they were not full speed drills. In order, these were the two sets of returners. Rainey and Haden were the first returners and Adrian Bushell and Emmanuel Moody were the second set.

The next portion of the scrimmage consisted of drives. The defense pretty much owned this portion as the offense failed to score on several attempts. The drives started from the opposite 30 meaning they could get first downs down the field to score touchdowns. Here is what the crowd saw for the most part.

1's vs. 1's

1-10 @-30...First play from scrimmage was a short pass to Deonte that he makes a move on the DB and gets the first down and more. Second play a Tebow scramble nets a few yards. Third play...incomplete pass falls to the ground with the defensive line and A.J. Jones in the backfield all over him.

1-10 @-30...Carl Johnson (offsides) makes it (1-15)...Rainey around the right end for short yardage...Tebow throws an interception right to Brandon Spikes who would have scored going the other way.

1-10 @-30...Short pass to David Nelson on 1st down for very little...A dump pass to Emmanuel Moody and he gets about 12 yards to the 44 and a 1st down...Tebow keeper gets 8 yards to the +48...A little dump pass to Rainey gets about 17 yards then Janoris Jenkins hits him hard and he spins off and gets a few more...Short pass completion to David Nelson makes it 3rd and 5...Short yardage formation with Hernandez, Parks, and Pridemore in and Moody in at tailback, (Tebow under center) and not much for Moody. 4th and 3 and Jaye Howard caves in the line and makes the 4th down tackle behind the line of scrimmage.

1-10 @-30...Tebow to Nelson for a short pass and freshman linebacker Jon Bostic on the tackle (Nelson hops off the field on one foot)...Rainey straight ahead for about three yards and just short of the first down...Rainey gets the short first down...Emmanuel Moody makes people miss and bounces off a few tackles on his way to a 27 yard beautiful run...Omar hunter busts through the line for a sack...offense fails to convert.

2's vs. 2's

1-10 @-30...Five yards up the gut from walk on running back Christopher Scott...Scott again straight ahead for 15 yards...A short seven yard out pass from Brantley to Hammond is broken up nicely by Wondy Pierre-Louis...Incomplete pass makes it 3-10 @50...Markihe Anderson dove over the receiver to make the play of the spring---on his way down to the ground, he caught the ball with one hand and held on after he hit the ground very hard. It was a beautiful interception.

1-10 @-30...Jon Bostic in the backfield for a tackle on first down...Brantley should have been sacked but a no call goes to Frankie Hammond for about 14 yards on the left side of the formation...Moses Jenkins hits Desmond Parks just before the first down marker on the next play...

1-10 @-30...Brantley and RB have a bad connection on hand off and a net of – 1 yard....Brantley passes for first down to Hammond in front of Moses Jenkins...Christopher Scott with another nice run for about 15 yards and a first down...Brantley with a keeper for three yards and everything is being rushed very quickly now while Urban Meyer is all over Brantley to speed things up even during the play...Byran Jones jumps offside on the offensive line...Brantley keeper and runs up the back of Desmond Parks who got in his way...

2nd down situations...

1's vs. 1's

2-12 @50...Tebow complete to Hernandez for the first down...Deonte Thompson on a post pattern gets the first down right as Dorian Munroe really smacks him hard---Deonte gets up and gives the first down signal before heading back to the line of scrimmage...

2-10 @50...Tebow hits Hernandez over the middle for 9.5 yards...Rainey gets just enough for the first down...

2-8 @50...Aaron Hernandez all over Moody for not lining up right which caused a play to go sour on the offense and an incomplete pass...offense gives up ball on downs.

2's vs. 2's

2-12 @50 Steven Wilks with a one handed catch reaching back behind him and getting the first down.

3rd down situations....


3-15 @50...Tebow drops back and Jermaine Cunningham makes David Young look foolish at left tackle by spinning and Young was grasping for air. On his way to Tebow, Tebow then makes Cunningham look foolish and side steps him. Tebow then bought enough time to go deep to Carl Moore for a 50 yard score on a deep Go route.

3-10 @50...Tebow throws it in the dirt...

3-8 @50...Tebow to Carl Moore on an out route that comes up inches shy (offense not happy about that)

3-8 @50...Crossing pattern from Tebow to Hernandez went the distance for a touchdown.

3-5 @50..Tebow sacked by Trattou (Corey Hobbs in replacing James Wilson at left guard who limped off with an ankle or knee injury)


3-15 @50...Adrian Bushell bats the ball away on a deep post pattern to Deonte Thompson from John Brantley (Thompson comes up limping a little with what looked like a hamstring injury)...

3-10 @50 Brantley scrambled to get a pass off and it bounced off of Hammond's hands incomplete...defense was in a three down line with Trattou, Omar Hunter, and Okine.

3-8 @50...Brantley has to scramble again with a blitz from a three-down line set and had to get rid of it

3-5 @50...shovel pass from Brantley to Parks and Parks gets knocked down immediately upon receiving the ball for no gain. It looks nothing like when Hernandez receives a shovel pass with authority.

3-5 @50...Brantley scrambles for a first down.

3-2 @50...Bostic with another sack on Brantley

Short Red Zone situations...


Moody loses a yard and T.J. Pridemore and Lorenzo Edwards get into it after the play...Tebow just overthrows Carl Moore in the back of the end zone on the right side line...Cunningham gets a knock down sack of Tebow on 3rd down 3rd and 5, Cade Holliday gets a touchdown on a short pass from a scrambling Tebow...

Tebow fade to Hernandez for a touchdown...

Will Hill with the sack on Tebow...


Brantley hands off to Frankie Hammond on a reverse that looked pretty in the beginning but was run down by the defense at the one....Brantley fade to Parks for the TD...

Okine with a sack on Brantley

Breaking it down...

The banged up offensive line is really hurting the offense right now and the quarterbacks are often on the move when they should have to be. Brantley has shown quite a bit of moxy moving his feet and has been very impressive doing so in my opinion. Tebow continues to make plays with his feet that allow for touchdowns to be scored ala by him or by him throwing to an open receiver.

At the end of practice the starting offensive line was Carl Johnson at left tackle, Corey Hobbs at left guard, Sam Robey at center, David Young at right guard, and Marcus Gilbert at right tackle. Johnson should be getting some rest so he can heal his mending knee, but that isn't coming right now. Robey has gotten most of the snaps on the first team at center this spring. Corey Hobbs is supposed to be Robey's back up at center.

The injured players on the offensive line are Maurkice Pouncey, Mike Pouncey, Mo Hurt, Jim Barrie, Matt Patchan, and James Wilson. There have been spring practices that have had just eight linemen on roster and so it is a good thing the Gators have recruited there well in recent years.

Of the very young guys Jonotthan Harrison and David Young have shown a lot of spunk and the desire to get after it on the football field,. Harrison is constantly battling after the play with linemen and linebackers and that is something I did not expect to see from him coming into this season.

The backs had some nice runs, but the running game didn't do a whole lot today. The offense seemed to do some good things running the ball, but again it was the pass protection that was the problem.

Injuries to David Nelson and possibly Deonte Thompson could set the receivers back a little bit. Thompson continued his hot play from Friday when he made the defense look silly on the very first play of the scrimmage Saturday. His injury, if there actually is one, did not look too serious.

Frankie Hammond continues to be a popular target out there and usually does something with the ball when it is thrown to him.

I personally think the Gators will be fine at receiver, maybe not as flashy, but pretty good this season.

The defensive line is healthier but has some holes also. Out on Saturday were starters Lawrence marsh and Terron Sanders at tackle and Carlos Dunlap at defensive end. Troy Epps is also mending his knee still and not getting any snaps.

Earl Okine made some plays as did Omar hunter and according to defensive line coach Dan McCarney, they are the two most important guys up front this spring. Evidently he knows that Jaye Howard will perform for him when he gets the chance and Howard has done very well this spring and looks like a real play making talent at defensive tackle.

Silent for the first four or five practices, Jermaine Cunningham has been a beast for the last two days. He is making these young guys on the offensive line look silly a lot at practice.

Jon Bostic is the talk of practice and his own teammates are singing his praises right now. The kid can flat fly to the ball and is built as well as any of them. He is a terror on the field and will play a lot as a freshman in my opinion. Bostic made several plays on Saturday and showed why he was the number one linebacker prospect on the Gators' board last year from start to finish. He has forced Lorenzo Edwards, one of my favorites to play a lot, to another position again. Edwards is playing a lot of Sam linebacker now.

Dustin Doe sat out Saturday for whatever injury he may have. Brendan Beal and Brandon Hicks are the other two injured linebackers and it is unlikely we see either for the remainder of the spring.

The good news among injuries comes in the secondary and only cornerback Jeremy Brown is out with injury at this time. Brown may be back in the next two weeks, but we shall see.

The star for most of the spring has been Adrian Bushell and he had another strong performance on Saturday with a couple of pass breakups. However, Markihe Anderson has had the best two back to back days from a cornerback that I can remember and is really playing very well at the position. Three interceptions in the last two days and a dozen or so strong plays from Anderson have to be noticed by the staff.

At safety Will Hill keeps making an impact and making plays and Dorian Munroe flexed his muscles as well on Saturday. The secondary is loaded with talent and healthy and fun to watch this spring.


The Gators hosted a hand full of big prospects on Saturday including 2011 cornerback Nick Waisome, Kenny Shaw, quarterback Trey Burton, 2011, defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan, quarterback Jarred Haggins, and cornerback Devont'a Davis.

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