Tebow Unconcerned About Offensive Struggles

Florida has not looked great on offense this spring, but Gator quarterback Tim Tebow insists there's no cause for concern. There are a number of factors working against the offense this spring including injuries to the offensive line, the loss of four starters, the absence of Jeff Demps and the fact that the defense knows all the calls and checks.

Tim Tebow said put it all together and it's not surprising the defense has the upper hand in scrimmages through the first half of spring drills.

The biggest issue has been on the offensive line where Florida lost starting tackles Paul Trautwein and Jason Watkins and are dealing with injuries to the Pouncey twins, Mo Hurt and, on Saturday James Wilson. As a result guys who probably wouldn't have been on the two-deep are getting to practices with the ones (starters) and twos (backups).

Florida's signal-caller discussed that and other topics with the media gang after Saturday's scrimmage.

MG: Are you getting frustrated with the offense?

TT: "We've just got a lot of injuries and young guys. Just getting everybody on the same page is the key. We're going to get frustrated at some of those things because we want to execute at a high level."

MG: Are you worried about it at all?

TT: "No. Y'all have been around here every spring and you know it's never gonna look pretty in day seven of spring. I don't know that we've ever beaten the defense in a spring (scrimmage). We've just got to keep going and keep getting better every day. We need to come out of spring with a 'one' and "two" at every position and that's our goal."

MG: Do you see any progress with the young guys?

TT: "Oh yeah, the improvement has been great. All those young guys, whether they are brand new or redshirt freshman are stepping up and doing good. We just gotta get them on the same page."

MG: Is the injury situation contributing to the problems, especially on the line?

TT: "Yeah, it's making it more difficult. I think they (the young linemen) are doing a good job and it's a great learning opportunity for them. As frustrating as it can be with (us) not executing to the level we want, those guys are getting game reps and being with the ones and the twos and that's good for them."

MG: How are you adjusting to taking snaps from under center?

TT: "We've worked on it a good little bit so it's getting pretty comfortable for me. I think I still need to work on play-action drops from it, but as far as just dropping (back to throw) I feel from comfortable now. It's coming together."

MG: Aaron Hernandez has been catching a lot of passes in spring drills. With Percy (Harvin) and Louis (Murphy) gone will you look for him even more this fall?

TT: "I think he'll be without a doubt one of the main guys in our offense as far as a key guy we want to go to. I'll be looking for him, but I don't know if it'll be any more so than some other guys. He's a mismatch for guys and he makes plays. In a key fourth down situation is he one of the guys I'll be looking for? Absolutely!"

MG: What's it like going up against this defense every day?

TT: Well when we play FSU and LSU they don't know the calls we're going to make and these guys do. They know what's going to come out of my mouth and what it means. That can be a little bit different, but that just makes it fun and a little more challenging.

MG: Has Deonte Thompson been breaking out the last couple of days?

TT: "I think he's doing a good job. I think he got banged up on one of those digs he caught. With everything that's going on it's hard getting the timing down with those receivers. That's something we've never had in the spring here at Florida. We have to go through the summer and into the fall to work the kinks out of everything, but when we do he'll be a big time receiver. He goes out there and makes plays whether he's with the ones or twos or if he's playing 'Z' or 'X' he's just someone who's pretty reliable for us."

MG: Is the most frustrating thing about spring wearing that non-contact jersey and not getting to play like you want to play?

TT: "Absolutely. That's does get frustrating and it's something I just have to be smart (about) and accept that, yeah, I got sacked. That's just a part of the game that I love, but you have to be smart. There's no reason for me to go hit (someone) or take hits."

Tim Tebow couldn't be more comfortable in his situation at Florida and he couldn't be more right about not having concerns about the offense. Yes, the line needs to get healthy and settled. Yes, Thompson and other receivers have to raise the game on a consistent basis. The same was true a year ago and it turned out reasonably well.

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