Bushell is a Bonus to Secondary

If there is a spot on Florida's roster where it seemed difficult to have a new face really push for playing time it is at cornerback. The Gators return an All-American in Joe Haden and a freshman All-American in Janoris Jenkins at the position. The two backups are seniors that have started in Wondy Pierre-Louis and Markihe Anderson. Freshman Adrian Bushell is pushing through all of that.

Adrian Bushell has quite frankly been the star of the secondary through the first seven days of practice. A hand full of interceptions, numerous pass breakups, aggressive play that has riled up the wide receivers at times, and always playing with a purpose have made Bushell stand out through the first two weeks of the Gators' spring practice.

At 5-10 and 180-pounds, Bushell has pretty good size to play the position in the SEC. His attitude when the ball is in the air along with his ability to lay a hit make him a real positive on the depth chart at cornerback for the 2009 season. Cornerback Coach Vance Bedford believes Bushell is doing an outstanding job.

"For a guy who was on the scout team all last season, Bushell is doing a tremendous job," Bedford said after the Gators second scrimmage of the spring. "He has really good awareness...on top of that he is very athletic too. His awareness gives him an upper hand on guys that don't have it."

The Gator corners all seem to have their own style of play and Bedford recognizes Bushell's early ability of knowing everything that is going on around him while the ball is in play.

"I think he is more like Janoris as far as his awareness," Bedford said. "Janoris plays as well as he does because of his awareness. Bushell has shown some of those signs. Whether he can actually play like Janoris is something else, but he is doing some good things right now."

Like Jenkins, Bushell is always upbeat and excited for every play on the practice field. Bedford would take ten corners with that attitude.

"He loves the game and loves to hit," Bedford said. "He has a smile on his face all the time. That's what you want to have on this football team, I think he is really going to be a plus."

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