Gator's Land Gideon

It has been a long road for 6-2, 205-pound Coconut Grove (FL) Ransom Everglades linebacker Gideon Ajagbe. He has waited most of his life for a moment like today a moment that he started working for during the summer before his eighth grade season.

The Florida Gators landed one of the state's top prospects today when Ajagbe decided today was the day. It was a day that he had planned out since March 14. Why March 14? That was the day that he took the SAT. Why April 7? April 7 was the day that he would find out the results of that test. Gideon Ajagbe decided that if he scored high enough on his test (850) today he would become a Gator and that is exactly what took place.

"When I was set to take the test on March 14, I knew that I would get the results back today and I decided even before I took the test that if the score was where it needed to be I would call the coaches and tell them I was going to be a Gator," he said. "When I got the official results today I told my coaches and my parents and I could not have been any happier about that and this decision. The whole entire day was a struggle to tell you the truth. I left my password information and could not log onto the site to check the official score. When I got home and logged on and scrolled down and saw that I made a 1010 I was so happy and relieved that was over. I told my parents and we prayed and then told them I was about to call Coach Urban Meyer and let him know I was going to be a Gator."

"I called Coach Meyer and told him I was going to be a Gator and he was overjoyed and was yelling getting real fired up that I was a part of the Gator Nation," Ajagbe said. "He was telling me how excited he was and wants to meet my mom to start a bond with her. He has met my dad before when we went up for a visit so it's real important for coach to meet up with both my parents. They were getting ready for practice so I spoke with my recruiting coach, Coach Vance Bedford and he was just as excited as Coach Meyer was. Coach Bedford told me how happy he was to have me and that he was going to find Coach Charlie Strong to tell him about the decision that I made to be a part of that program."

A decision like this doesn't come lightly but for Gideon and his family, it has been in the works for some time but is one he won't soon forget.

"This is the greatest feeling that I have ever had and felt. It was a numbness all through my body when I told the coaches the news. I can remember when I started working out before my eighth grade season. It wasn't a lot of weights at the time but I was there working trying to get bigger and stronger. All of the hard work and lifting has finally paid off for me and now I am signing with the University of Florida. I am so thankful right now and give all thanks to God. It's almost as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders I feel so relieved right now. I have a new kind of energy flowing through my body and it feels great to be a Gator. That's what went though me today when I was talking to the coaches at Florida."

Gideon Ajagbe is one of the most thoughtful and respectful people you will ever speak with. To give you one example of what kind of person he is when I asked him what was the one thing he wanted all Gator fans to know about him all he could think about was teammates and players he plays against.

"I want to give this same opportunity to all the people that I play with and against, this same opportunity in life that is before me I want them to have as well. I want people to get a chance just like I did. I was very lucky being from a small school and district. There are other players in my district that are good players and those guys deserve a chance the same chance as me. I want people to know that."

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