One-on-One with Ian Silberman

At 6-6 and 280-pounds, Orange Park (FL) Fleming Island offensive tackle Ian Silberman was the first prospect to announce his intentions to be a part of the 2010 Florida Gators recruiting class. Silberman possesses the tenacity and attitude on the field that you want out of your offensive linemen but off the field is a true gentlemen.

The "Big Easy" as they like to call him, Ian Silberman has a large frame and looks like he could easily carry another 20-25 pounds once he reaches the next level. I recently had a chance to catch up with him and dug a little deeper on why he chose the University of Florida.

"Academics was a major factor in my decision. The college had to have everything I was looking for...not just a great football program. ... My major will be sports science and I will have the best support system from Florida's faculty and staff.

Playing Time:
"None guaranteed, I will work for my position and playing time."

Putting players in the NFL:
"Coach Addazio has put multiple players in the NFL and hopefully I will be one in the future."

Coaching Turnover/Are they leaving because the team is having sustained success or because the team has not lived up to expectations:
"Sustained success. Coach Mullen left because of his success in helping win two national championships in three years."

Ability to compete for conference titles:
"Great chance every year. Won two SEC championships in the last three years."

Ability to compete for national titles:
"They have won two national championships in three years. Go Gators."

Offensive style you can flourish in:
"My high school runs the spread now but I can adapt to any system with proper coaching."

"I would have played anywhere due to military background except up north, too cold. Location was another major factor. I don't have to hop on a plane to get a home cooked meal.

Comfort level with head coach:
"High degree of comfort..."

"Comfort level with position coach:
"High, like my Uncle J. Coach Addazio is one of the most intense human beings you will ever come across."

Dad's thoughts:
"I am happy Ian has made his decision. I feel comfortable turning my son over to this coaching staff."

Mom's thoughts:
"Not enough time...really, I am thoroughly impressed with all Florida has to offer and I am happy with Ian's decision. I was a die-hard Georgia Bulldog fan until Ian made his decision. I had to support him 100 percent. This house is not divided. Go Gators."

Does your potential school have track record of playing true freshmen or redshirting them:
"Florida has more freshmen on the roster than redshirts."

Comfort level with current players on the team:
"All are welcoming, especially the Pouncey twins and Matt Patchan."

Comfort level/chemistry with incoming freshman class:
"Great with everyone I have met so far."

HS coach's thoughts about best fit for you if you look/seek advice from him:
"Coach Webb (current head coach) is supportive and knows exactly why Florida offered. Coach Chipoletti (previous coach) continues to be supportive and keeps an open door policy for me and the other players. "

When you visited, what did you feel in your heart:
"Gainesville is a great football town. Not too big and not too small. Just what I need to stay focused. I felt at home."

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