Injury Situation Not So Bad

The injury situation was so bad on Monday that Urban Meyer had to take sleeping pills before going to bed that night. But after the tests were run, things don't seem so grim for the Florida Gators who head down the stretch run of their spring drills.

Freshman tight end Desmond Parks, junior defensive end Justin Trattou and sophomore offensive guard James Wilson all went down with injuries, but all of them will miss just a few weeks.

"Parks is done for the spring," Urban Meyer said after Wednesday's practice. "We left practice and I had to take an Ambien to go to sleep because we had Trattou go down, Parks went down and James Wilson went down. We thought they were all serious issues. But it's an AC sprain for Trattou, not an ACL for Desmond. It's a dislocated kneecap, which is painful, but it's not a major deal. James Wilson, it's not a broken foot. It's a cartilage issue, which is painful, but it's not a structure issue. So we dodged three bullets there."

Meyer also said that Matt Patchan, who is suffering from a PCL sprain, is doing some walk-throughs and individual drills. Despite the number of first-teamers sitting out of practice, Meyer is not concerned about anyone losing any jobs.

"There was a point in time when this program was all cheer, cheer and rah, rah, but we've outgrown that now," he said. "If you look at the guys that are hurt right now, it's Marsh – are you kidding me? There's no issue with Marsh. The Pounceys, they're fine. I'm not concerned about that."

The offense continues to struggle, and one of the areas where Meyer is looking for a full time starter is in the backfield. The Gators still don't have an everyday tailback. Jeff Demps hasn't been around, though, devoting most of his time to track. And Emmanuel Moody needs to do the little things on an everyday basis.

"That means pass protection everyday, and we haven't seen that yet," Meyer said.

Up front, Meyer said Sam Robey is starting to emerge at center. So much so, that Meyer didn't rule out the possibility of Maurkice Pouncey shifting to guard.

"Robey is going to play this year," Meyer said. "He might be in the first five. He's really coming on. … Could [Maurkice move to guard]? Yeah. I'm not saying that's going to happen. That's the line coach's decision. But there's a possibility."


Meyer usually uses both spring and fall camps to bring in guest speakers to talk to the players about everything from being a champion to the history of Florida's rivalries. He's using this spring to educate his players on how to be successful after football.

"On Tuesday nights, because of the economy, some of these players don't have a grasp of how hard it is out there," Meyer said. "We've taken football time and we're teaching them about how to get a job and all the stuff this university can do for you to make you job-worthy. We're making a big push with these kids."

"Last week was one of the best team meetings we've ever had," he said. "Hiram [de Fries] spoke and told them how to do a budget. These kids don't know what that is. The problem is that these kids leave here and they're going to keep asking for their program check and it's not going to happen. You see so many professional athletes blow through their money because they were never taught."


Meyer on William Green… "He's such a great kid. He's a high-energy kid and that usually translates to guys playing around here. He goes as hard as he can."

Meyer on Twitter… "We're going to look into that. I can't stand that stuff. If it helps us communicate, then yes. If it's something silly, then no. I don't know what it is right now."

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