Spring Highlights - Day 11

The offense came away as the big winner on Saturday and it wasn't at the hands of Tim Tebow. Sophomore quarterback John Brantley stole the show in Saturday's scrimmage helping the offense score from all over the field and making pass after pass look easy compared to the difficulty the offense has had all spring. Senior defensive end Jermaine Cunningham also had a good day for the defense.

John Brantley scored multiple times including with his nimble feet and threw the ball on target all day both short and long and from a stand still or on the run. Coaches afterward called it his best day of practice since he's been at the University of Florida.

Jermaine Cunningham, even on the losing end of the practice session, made play after play and has had a tremendous week and a half of practice for the defense.

We have multiple highlights of both gator stars right here, brought to you by Scout.com.

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