Trey Burton One-on-One

The chemistry and bond amongst the players in the class of 2010 far surpasses what I have seen in the last couple of years. Each and everyone has an incredible amount of character and they respect each other on and off the field.

Trey Burton has been recruiting for the Gators for as long as I can remember and is doing a fantastic job at it but I wanted to share some of the reasons why Trey decided to be a Gator.

Academics: Top in the nation.

Does UF offer your major: I'm not sure haven't decided.

Playing time: I still got a lot of work to do before I would even think about touching the field.

Putting players in the NFL: Power house.

Ability to compete for conference titles: Every year.

Ability to compete for national titles: Every year.

Offensive style you can flourish in: It is my style.

Location: Close enough to home but far enough.

Comfort level with head coach: Very high.

Comfort level with position coach: Very high.

Mom's thoughts: She loves it.

Comfort level with current players on the team: High.

Comfort level/Chemistry with in-coming freshman class: Very high.

HS coach's thoughts about best fit for you if you look/seek advice from him: He said this is the best fit for me.

When you visited UF what did you feel in your heart: Florida is No. 1.

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