Spring Practice Report - Day 13

They got started about an hour late on Wednesday and they also weren't in pads. That meant that no hitting as the Gators were toning it down a little bit for the end of spring practice. With injuries all over the squad at this time of the year, there is no need to rough up the rest of the roster with only a few days left on the spring schedule.

Still, there were some highlights and we will talk about them here.

The Gators first part of practice was a running drill. With no hitting going on, the backs were free to run for yards that normally wouldn't be there. Too hard to gauge anything as far as who might have won, this first drill was intended solely to keep the offense and defense fresh in their minds the assignments they should carry out in certain situations.

As practice moved on the Gators threw the ball around quite a bit on the day. In the 7-on-7 drill, the quarterbacks looked okay, not great. Here is some of what I saw.

The best sign of the day was finally noticing Jeremy Brown who snuck out on the field early in the 7-on-7 drill. He didn't play much on the day, but his first play was memorable as he broke up a pass to Frankie Hammond from Tim Tebow, getting an excellent jump on the ball. I made sure to include this one in the highlight video and as the last play.

Early in the drill, Tim Tebow was off just a little bit with his receivers barely throwing behind them on a few throws. As the drill and the day progressed, he progressed to hitting his targets in stride a little more often. Some Tebow highlights included...

A pass on the right sideline to T.J. Lawrence. It was a beauty and placed high and outside where only Lawrence could catch it. It appeared for a quick second that the high leaping Lawrence did come down with the ball, but it did come out of his hands on his way down.

Tebow outside to Holliday a little behind and Holliday reaches back behind him to haul it in with Will Hill in coverage. Tebow came back later and threw in the back of the end zone to Aaron Hernandez in front of Hill.

Assistant defensive coordinator Chuck Heater was all over Markihe Anderson on one play as Tebow sprinted out left and threw back to Hernandez for a touchdown in the middle of the field and in a zone that Anderson should have been occupying in the defense.

Sophomore quarterback John Brantley also had his moments during the 7-on-7 portion. Brantley threw over the top to Lawrence with Adrian Bushell in coverage, he hit Lawrence right at the front line of the end zone for a touchdown. Brantley also threw to senior Cade Holliday on a post in front of the end zone for a score.

The Gators finished with a mad flurry of 2-minute drills. Ten total shots at the end zone and in a bad day for the offense, they only put the ball across the line once on a short run from Chris Rainey. The offense was able to move the ball down the field a few times, but when push came to shove, the defense bowed their backs and stopped the offense.

Here are some highlights...

Tebow hit a player in the back and Ryan Stamper colleced the INT that popped up in the air.

Brantley to Deonte on his first play on a deep post about 25 yards.

Tebow ball batted down by Brandon Spikes.

Tebow threw a 10-yard TD to Hernandez but called back on a penalty.

The play of the day was a Tebow sprint out left and threw on the run to a wide open Hernandez on a deep crosser. Tebow was flying left away from the pocket and hit Hernandez right in stride for a 30-plus yard gain. On the next play, Dorian Munroe intercepted a long Tebow pass.

Running back Christopher Scott caught a 10-yard pass and weaved through traffic down field to net about 25 yards. It was a nice catch and run by the walk-on who is starting to show off his pass catching ability as well.

Walk-on tight end Christopher Copeland had back-to-back first down catches in the 2-minute drill.

Friday looks to be even less enthusiastic as the Gators go into preparation for the Orange and Blue game. The banged up Gators had no injuries on Wednesday and that was the best news of the day.

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