Tyus Departure Tough to Figure

Alex Tyus is leaving the Gator basketball team after a breakout season, and he's doing so without a real clear direction for his future. Florida coach Billy Donovan confirmed Tyus' decision Thursday morning and said he and the would-be junior differed on his role going forward.

"I think he wants to do things for himself that are decisions he had to make on his own for what he wants. As a coach you sit there and you know that there's a certain vision and a certain path and a certain commitment necessary for the team going forward. I think for Alex, that's not what he really wanted to do. I respect that and understand that and wish him luck and I hope he can get what he's looking for."

Donovan said after two seasons of settling for NIT bids, the Gators needed to re-focus on the things that make the difference between being pretty good and being a championship program.

"After last year I said that until we address the things that are really a problem we're never going to address what needs to get better. Now all of a sudden a second year passes by and (we're in) the same situation. Now it's kind of like (the players think) maybe he's right. Now, do I really want to do that? (And Alex's answer was) I'm not so sure. Great! At least we've gotten to that point and I think those things are healthy. Would I love to have Alex here to say Coach I learned a lot in two years and I'm going to address those things, that would be fantastic, but that's not what happened."

Donovan said he and Tyus are parting on good terms, but with a clear difference of opinion about his basketball future.

"I wish him luck, and hopefully he can attack the things he wants to attack. The things he feels like he needs to attack are the things (he thinks) that are going to make him better. The things I think he needs to attack, based on my experiences are the things that will make him better."

Tyus was Florida's most improved player this past season, averaging 12.5 points and 6.2 rebounds. He spent most of his time playing the "5" spot, which is out of position for the 6-8 forward. He may have struggled with the coaching changes that have left Florida without a tutor for the big guys like Anthony Grant and Lewis Preston had been.

As of now, Alex Tyus has not definitive plans for his future, but assuming he goes through the with departure and Nick Calathes leaves for pro ball the Florida Basketball team will be in full rebuilding mode for the second time in three years.

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