Scranton Figuring Things Out

Life has been a roller coaster ride for defensive end <B>Aaron Scranton</B>. Last season, he shocked Arkansas and signed with Georgia on Signing Day. Then, he quit the Bulldogs after a few days of camp. Now, Scranton is trying to put his life back together and it looks like he could be headed to Gainesville. Or is he?

Aaron Scranton was a hot prospect at this time last season. He was the MVP for the Peach State in the Georgia/ Florida All-Star Game last December. Scranton committed to Arkansas but changed his mind and signed with Georgia on Signing Day. The Dawgs made a late scholarship offer to the Buford High School graduate. Scranton, 6-6 and 220 pounds, headed to Athens. After a few practices at Georgia, Scranton left the team. That was a decision he still regrets.

"Everyone thinks I left Georgia because of the sword incident," said Scranton. "It had nothing to do with that. I had played football just about all my life and I just didn't have it anymore. Looking back, it was a stupid decision for me to make."

Since the fall, Scranton has had a few life altering events. In the near future, Scranton and his girlfriend plan on getting marred and they are expecting their first child in June. All of sudden, Scranton had to grow up very fast.

"I am getting married and I am trying to get my life settled. All of a sudden, I have responsibilities and I want to do what's best for my family."

Scranton has limited options. He could walk-on at Georgia and earn his scholarship back or sign with someone else. He has talked with Florida, Kentucky and Arkansas. Last month, he visited Central Florida for an official.

"If everything works out, I want to sign with Florida on Signing Day. Right now, we are trying to figure out what I can and can not do. I have been released but no one seems to know what kind of release. Florida is talking with the compliance people at Georgia and the NCAA. I talked with Coach Richt and he is not the type to hold me back. He said he would let me go to Florida even though they are a conference rival. I would love to go back to Georgia and earn it back but I have to worry about my family now."

There are three kinds of releases - a two year release (have to sit out two seasons), a qualified release (sit out one year) or an unconditional release (Play right away).

Scranton has given up his other passion, martial arts. He is just trying to get his life together and play college football once again. He doesn't want to mess up his second chance. Scranton is planning on taking an official visit to Florida (1-24) later this month. Although he doesn't consider himself a commitment, there is a good chance, when the dust settles and the paper work is completed, that Scranton and family will be moving South to Gainesville this summer. Stay tuned.

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