Gators Calling On Pressey

Phil Pressey is no stranger to hoops fans who have been following the class of 2010. However, more recently Billy Donovan's Gators have been looking to make a move with the 5-foot-9 point guard.

Even though he's just finishing up his junior year of high school, it seems that Phil Pressey has been around for a while. Gaining acclaim running the summer circuit with longtime friends Alex Oriakhi and Jamaal Coombs-McDaniel over the past few years, the 5-foot-9 point guard is back home in Texas.

With a move home to attend the Episcopal School of Dallas, Pressey has had to adjust to a new environment but he's already made a couple of new friends to help ease the transition.

"It's a lot different," said Pressey. "But, I've got a couple of friends now with Cameron Clark and Travis Fuller who is also on my high school team. It's cool, I like it a lot."

Well known for his ability to set up teammates and seemingly get into the lane at will, Pressey maintains that some aspects of his game have gone underrated in the process.

"I think my shooting is being underrated a bit," said Pressey. "It's not that I'm inconsistent, but it seems like when I get to these tournaments I miss my shots. But when I get back home I hit everything. But, it's not bad that everybody knows me for my passing."

Having long been recruited by virtually the entire Big 12, Ohio State and others like Connecticut, Pressey has been hearing from some new suitors lately. Among those looking to make an impression are Billy Donovan's Florida Gators.

"Florida has been calling a lot lately," Pressey told Fightin' Gators. "It's kind of early with them but they seem to really like me. I'm open to taking a look at them."

For now, though, Pressey says that it's too early to discuss the Gators or any other program in much detail. He's currently in research mode and will look to narrow things down towards the end of the summer. Not surprisingly, he's studying rosters pretty closely.

"I'm going to be looking at who they have there already and figuring out if I can beat that guy out for my position," said Pressey. "I realize that I'm going to have to beat out somebody wherever I go if I want to play, but it's important to know who that is."

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