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Based on his performance at the NFL Combine, it is safe to assume that Ingram is well on the road to full recovery from the left knee torn anterior cruciate ligament he suffered in fall camp that sidelined him for the entire 2008 season. It was a bittersweet year for the former quarterback, as he observed from the sidelines as his Gators captured the national championship without him in uniform.

Considered to be the best athlete in the football program, it was a long road for Cornelius Ingram, as he was constantly switching positions during his first few years at Florida before finding a home at tight end. He arrived on campus as a heralded prep quarterback and even joined the school's renowned basketball program in 2004.

At Hawthorne High School, Ingram was rated a four-star athlete and the 11th-best quarterback prospect in the nation by and was a member of that recruiting service's Hot 100 list. He also was listed as a four-star athlete and a Top 100 pick by, who rated him the third-best quarterback prospect, in addition to placing him on their Southeast Elite 88 list.

Ingram was ranked as the best quarterback and overall player on the Top 101 list. The two-time Class 1A All-State selection in both football and basketball, he threw for over 1,400 yards and 22 touchdowns on the gridiron in 2003. For the hoops squad, he averaged over 25 points per game as a shooting guard during his junior season.

In 2004, Ingram enrolled at Florida, turning down scholarship offers from Florida State, South Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech and North Carolina during the recruiting process. The 206-pound passer impressed the staff by running a 4.5 40-yard dash during fall camp, but he would spend the year with the scout team. He later joined the 2004-05 Gators basketball squad, playing in 19 games as a shooting guard before returning to football for spring drills.

After playing in just two games during the 2005 gridiron season, where he lined up as a receiver and at quarterback, the youngster marched into the coach's office in early January, 2006, informing Urban Meyer that he wanted to quit. Suddenly, the kid from Hawthorne who had come to Gainesville with so much promise as a two-sport star -- the agile and athletic quarterback and big-time basketball player -- was gone.

It took Vernell Brown to bring him back. Brown was a senior defensive back that season whom Meyer dubbed the "face of Florida football." In Ingram's case, Brown also was the voice of Florida football. "If it wasn't for Vernell, I'd be gone," Ingram said. "I was out the door. That was it."

The coaching staff knew they had to figure a way to get their talented athlete more playing time. The former quarterback became a full-time wide receiver in 2006. Ingram was used as a slot receiver/H-back hybrid, allowing the now 6-foot-4, 230-pound redshirt sophomore to create mismatches in the secondary. "I see him more as a receiver [than a tight end]," Urban Meyer said. "He's extremely talented. We have a nice package for him."

Ingram was ecstatic. "I've been telling everybody this is the most fun I've had since I've been here," he said. "The coaches did a great job giving me an opportunity during the spring to make plays." He started twice while appearing in fourteen games, finishing fifth on the team with 30 receptions for 380 yards (12.7 avg) and a touchdown.

Now up to 245 pounds, Ingram shifted to tight end in 2007. He saw action in thirteen games, including five starting assignments. He hauled down 34 passes, good for fourth on the team, as he totaled 508 yards (14.9 avg) with seven touchdowns. After the season, he declared that he would forgo his college career and entered the 2008 NFL Draft. But, he later had a change of heart and returned to the school.

Ingram has a sensational spring camp and was primed to have a breakout season in 2008 for the Gators. However, early in August camp, he suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee and had to miss the season. "It's the hardest part of the game, the hardest part of coaching. The hardest part of playing," Meyer said of Ingram's season-ending injury. "Especially when you've got a guy like that that does everything right."

That was not Ingram's only troubles during that summer. He was not only out for the season, but also out of his apartment, after he was issued a complaint for eviction and damages from a Gainesville apartment complex that says he failed to pay his rent, according to Alachua County court records.

Things settled down on the "home front" shortly thereafter, as Ingram spent the season undergoing a grueling rehabilitation program. When the second-ranked Florida Gators honored its seniors prior to The Citadel game (11/22), Ingram walked out last. He waved to the crowd, then crouched down in a sprinter's stance and jogged a 40-yard dash -- much to the delight of the 90,000 fans at The Swamp. It was quite surprising since Ingram was just three months removed from reconstructive knee surgery. "He looked pretty good to me," coach Urban Meyer said. "We were going to throw him a pass there."


2007 Best Games Troy, Tennessee, Auburn, Louisiana State, Florida Atlantic.
2007 Worst Games Georgia, South Carolina, Michigan.
2006 Best Games Central Florida, South Carolina, Western Carolina, Arkansas, Ohio State.
2006 Worst Games Louisiana State, Auburn, Georgia.



Body Structure
Ingram has grown from a lanky 206-pound quarterback in 2004 into a solidly-built 245-pound tight end by 2008. He has a developing frame, with cut muscles, good shoulder and chest thickness, long legs, good thighs, calves and bubble. His frame can still add more bulk, as the additional weight should not impact his impressive quickness (carries his equipment well).

Athletic Ability
Ingram has a growing frame, built more for speed than power, but he won't embarrass himself in the strength department. He is a smooth open field runner whose experience as a standout prep basketball player is evident by the way he can torque his frame and elevate for the high passes. He shows good quickness off the line to uncover, as he is a sudden mover with above average speed and decent strength for his position. He has large, soft hands, good change of direction agility, quickness and hand/eye coordination. As a blocker, he shows good balance to get out and strike down field, but seems to lack effort to perform in that area…GRADE-6.6

Football Sense
Ingram, being a former quarterback, brings that good peripheral vision to his game as a tight end. He shows good football instincts, but is just an average student and needs reps to retain the play. He does have a few mental lapses on the field (will run into spots and needs to do a better job of locating soft areas to settle under)…GRADE-5.5

Ingram has brought about concerns, mostly about his enthusiasm for the game. Some feel that the two-sport athlete reluctantly plays football and the position switches, along with his injury, might have taken away his passion for the game. He is reliant on a brother that he looks up to for mentoring and gets good support from him. However, he tried to quit on the team twice – once prior to 2006 due to frustrations from a lack of playing time and again after the 2007 season, when he first declared for the 2008 draft and then changed his mind. He also had a charge from an apartment complex reach the legal avenues for failure to pay rent and other damage charges…GRADE-4.7

Ingram is not the type that you will see compete on every snap, especially in attempts to sustain blocks. He shows good urgency getting to the ball in a crowd, but he is more of an over-sized wide receiver who will shy away from contact when asked to block at the line of scrimmage…GRADE-5.0

Work Habits
Ingram has gone through several positional changes, in addition to having to change his body from a lanky quarterback into a tight end. He showed good work ethic in his rehab from 2008 knee surgery, but did not embrace the "Florida Gator" way in the past. He is still somewhat of an underachiever, but will perform in games and practice and does what is asked in the weight room. He seems to have the mental toughness, but needs to generate better production and more "fire in his belly," especially when blocking…GRADE-5.3


With Ingram's timed speed, you can see that he has the quickness to get into his routes, but he needs to continue to upgrade his hand usage in order to beat the press, as he does struggle to negotiate away when the defender latches on to his jersey. His weight room strength just seems to fail to translate to the field when trying to come off the line of scrimmage or when asked to block, making him a better fit as a slot receiver or motion back, rather than play at the traditional tight end position. When he is lined wide, he gets off the line quickly, doing a nice job of slipping past to avoid under-coverage on his route stem…GRADE-5.8

Ingram is a nice target for the quarterback on short routes. He is still learning to use his size to shade a defender, but is capable of handling that task with more reps. He has the acceleration to create mismatches vs. linebackers and slower safeties, but lacks that second gear to climb into the deep part of the field. He appears to understand leverage and just needs to learn how to sit in the zone. He has natural hands, but must do a better job of not getting distracted…GRADE-6.5

This is one of his best assets, but only when he is able to negotiate a clean release. He has a quick initial step, gaining advantage to hook the 9-tech, doing a nice job of moving his feet to maintain acceleration throughout his patterns. Once he is able to escape the jam, he can uncover off the line. His speed is most evident on crossing routes, as he can catch the ball without having to lose stride, which will usually leave linebackers watching the back of his helmet as he slips by…GRADE-7.1

Route Running
Ingram runs with good knee bend and a low pad level. He shows good thrust moving up field once he escapes the line of scrimmage, using his body well to shield defenders from the ball. He comes off his plant foot with good precision and is smooth in and out of his cuts, showing the balance and flexibility to drop his weight to separate. His route running is generally crisp vs. man coverage, with a good stem, stick and leverage for this position…GRADE-7.2

Separation Ability
Ingram has good quickness to separate, but needs to improve his football instincts, as there are times he will simply run into spots. He uses his quickness to create off the snap, but still needs to develop better moves to separate. You can see that he has a strong burst to run away from defenders. For a player of his size, he looks fluid in and out of his cuts. He is too fast for linebackers to cover heading up field and teams need to capitalize on that mismatch by using him more on screens, slants and comebacks…GRADE-7.5

Ball Concentration
Ingram usually does a decent job of concentrating, but does have a few mental lapses. You just don't see him attack the ball with great enthusiasm when he has defenders draped on him. He can bounce off tackles when he runs with good body lean, but it is rare to see him sacrifice himself to make the big catch in front of defenders over the middle. He also must do a better job of securing the ball before looking to run…GRADE-5.6

Ball Adjustment
Ingram has very good athletic ability to go up for the ball. He is able to catch outside his frame, but can be surprised by the ball in his face. He fails to look the ball in some of the times (especially when he hears the defender's feet), but when he is focused, he displays the body control to adjust and track the ball…GRADE-6.1

Leaping Ability
Ingram has the leaping ability to out-jump the defender to get to the ball. He gets good extension to high point the pass and can make the acrobatic grab, thanks to his body torque and athleticism trying to extend and high point the throw…GRADE-6.5

Ingram has the long arms and extension to catch away from his frame. He keeps his head on a swivel and has the loose hips to turn suddenly and come back for the ball (must show better vision when the QB is flushed out of the pocket, though). He makes good adjustments and is conscious of the boundaries working along the sidelines. He shows the arm extension to catch the ball in his hands out in front. He needs to track the ball better on deeper routes, as he fails to make body adjustments needed to get to the ball over his shoulders as he does when working in the short-to-intermediate areas. As a blocker, his hand usage and placement are too inconsistent to deliver a strong punch… GRADE-7.3

Run After the Catch
Ingram is a slippery runner, when he is not charging into spots. He has enough strength and balance to keep his feet vs. the initial hit, but must show better urgency running with the ball, as there are times he seems to just be going through the motions. He has above average quickness and burst to elude, especially when he runs at a low pad level, generating enough leg drive to break arm tackles. He just needs to be more consistent and run hard with better urgency…GRADE-6.0

Blocking Ability
Ingram seems to lack enthusiasm in this area. He shows little or no aggression when asked to block in-line and does not like to initiate contact. You can politely call him a "finesse" blocker, but there are times you have to question his courage. He is a decent second level blocker when he gets position in space, but he is never going to rock a defender back on his heels. He is better served flexed out as a receiver, so as not to expose his biggest weakness in his game…GRADE-4.5

Compares To

DUSTIN KELLER-New York Jets…If he is fully recovered from knee problems, Ingram has the ability to be a nice second day draft find for a team looking for a motion back to stretch the field. If a team is looking for someone to block at the tight end position, they need to look elsewhere. It took him five years to play two seasons and Ingram almost quit on the team twice. Questions about his health are justified, but more questions need to be asked about his desire for the game before someone can invest anything more than a mid-to-late round pick on him. Those that compare him to Dallas Clark (Indianapolis) or Vernon Davis (49ers) need to check his testosterone level first.



Ingram started seven of 29 games he appeared in at Florida…During his last two seasons (2006-07), he combined for 64 receptions and 888 yards (13.88 avg) that included eight touchdowns, scoring 48 points while also rushing twice for 8 yards.

Sat out the entire season after suffering a left knee torn anterior cruciate ligament on August 5th…The team captain underwent reconstructive surgery shortly thereafter.

Earned All-Southeastern Conference second-team honors from the league's coaches and Associated Press…Member of the John Mackey Award Watch List…Appeared in thirteen games, starting at tight end vs. Tennessee, LSU, Vanderbilt, South Carolina and Florida Atlantic…Finished fourth on the team with 34 receptions for 508 yards (14.9 avg) and tied Andre Caldwell for the team-lead with seven touchdowns…Had at least one reception in twelve contests.

Troy…In the Gators second game of the season, Ingram enjoyed the only 100-yard performance for his career, pulling in seven passes for 105 yards…QB Tim Tebow found him with a 5-yard scoring lob in the second quarter that ended a 74-yard, 10-play drive.

Tennessee…Ingram kept that taste for the end zone going the following week, snatching a 20-yard scoring strike from Tim Tebow to finish a 5-play, 75-yard series with 1:20 left in the first half…He gained 56 yards on three catches for the afternoon.

Auburn…Ingram's fourth quarter 6-yard touchdown grab was not enough for the Gators to stave off a 20-17 loss, as the tight end closed the day with four receptions for 37 yards, beginning a string of three consecutive games with a touchdown reception.

Louisiana State…Ingram had only two catches for 43 yards, but one produced a third quarter 37-yard score.

Kentucky…The tight end made the most of his two receptions, scoring on a 10-yard first quarter pass from Tim Tebow that capped a 12-play, 80-yard possession.

Florida Atlantic…After a two-game scoring drought, Ingram found the end zone twice while registering four receptions for 60 yards…He ended a 74-yard, 8-play drive in the first quarter with a 4-yard touchdowns and followed with a 26-yarder to conclude a 63-yard, 7-play second quarter series.

Michigan (Capital One Bowl)…Ingram was held to one reception for 17 yards.

Ingram played in fourteen games, as he was utilized as an H-Back, slot receiver and eventually at tight end…Ranked fifth on the team with 380 yards and a touchdown on 30 receptions (12.7 avg).


Ingram's first career reception was a 12-yarder vs. Southern Mississippi…Caught three passes for 35 yards vs. Central Florida and added 40 yards on two grabs vs. Tennessee… Scored his first career touchdown on a 6-yard fourth quarter toss from Chris Leak in the Kentucky clash…Totaled 50 yards on three receptions vs. South Carolina and made four catches for 59 yards in the Western Carolina game…Hauled down a season-high six passes for 71 yards vs. Arkansas in the SEC title game…Helped the Gators capture the national championship with four receptions for 58 yards in a 41-14 victory over Ohio State in the BCS Championship Game.

Dressed in every game for the Gators…Played in two games in a season that saw him move from quarterback to tight end…Saw action at quarterback vs. Louisiana Tech, directing one offensive drive in the fourth quarter, as he gained 8 yards on a pair of carries…Appeared in several offensive plays at wide receiver throughout the game during the Gators' 31-24 win over Iowa in the Outback Bowl

Worked at quarterback on the scout team and did not see any game action…Was named Scout team "Player of the Week" vs. Arkansas.


Joined the 2004-05 Florida Gators basketball team on October 15th for practice and played in 19 games as a true freshman on that squad…Competed at the small forward and "two" guard positions…He saw 6.6 minutes per game and vs. Florida A&M on Nov. 30, even saw time at the point when Taurean Green injured his ankle…Pulled down two defensive rebounds in seven minutes of play vs. Florida Atlantic…Logged eight minutes vs. Stetson and scored five points, dished out two assists, and hauled down two boards ...Played a career-high 14 minutes and pulled down two rebounds vs. Georgia Southern...Scored a career-high nine points, pulled down one rebound, recorded one assist and made a steal in 14 minutes of action vs. Eastern Kentucky...Scored three points and grabbed one rebound in four minutes vs. Arkansas.


2008-Ingram suffered a left knee anterior cruciate ligament tear in August practice (8/05) and underwent reconstructive surgery that kept him out for the entire season.


4.68 in the 40-yard dash…1.53 10-yard dash…2.69 20-yard dash…4.53 20-yard shuttle… 7.12 three-cone drill…33-inch vertical jump…Bench pressed 225 pounds 21 times. will have in-depth NFL Scouting Reports on Louis Murphy and Percy Harvin on Friday

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