Murphy, Ingram Waiting one More Day

While Percy Harvin went to Minnesota on day one of the NFL Draft, the rest of this year's aspiring pro Gators will learn their NFL fate during Sunday's third through seventh rounds. Some expected this when the weekend began, but for others it may have come as a surprise.

Cornelius Ingram had been touted as a likely second round pick during the buildup to the draft, but went unselected on Saturday. It's not clear whether that was due to concern about his knee injury from last season or just a lack of teams needing help at his position. Oklahoma State's Brandon Pettigrew was the only tight end selected in the first 63 picks, going 20th overall to Detroit. North Carolina's Richard Quinn was the final pick of day one, possibly indicating the tight end run is starting. Ingram, Missouri's Chase Coffman and South Carolina's Jared Cook are all rated fairly close together and will all be expected to go during the third round.

Wide receiver Louis Murphy had been discussed as a possible late second round selection. With six receivers going in round one and Murphy around the ninth or tenth slot in most rankings it seemed like a good possibility when the second round began. It didn't wind up working out for Murphy, as only two true wide receivers went in the round. One tough break for him may have been when Chicago traded down from the 49th pick for third and fourth round selections. The Bears need receiver help and had been expected to take one at that pick. Like Ingram, Murphy will be expected to come off the board early during Sunday's selections.

Jason Watkins was expected to be a second day draft choice from the beginning, and based on pre-draft evaluations he could go as early as the fourth round or as late as the sixth. The earliest he has been projected is as the final pick of round three for the New York Giants by Sporting News Today. Most teams are expected to look at Watkins as a right tackle who would potentially move inside to guard. Some specific teams he's met with include Arizona and Houston. He's also been brought up in pre-draft discussion in Dallas and Chicago as well.

No other Florida players are anticipated to be selected during the draft, but a few will get free agent opportunities to go join a team in camp including tackle Phil Trautwein and running back Kestahn Moore.

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