Tough Night Ahead for Ingram, Murphy

The first two rounds of the NFL draft have guaranteed a number of things, but one thing for certain; they guaranteed a lousy night's sleep for a pair of former Gator standouts.

Neither Louis Murphy nor Cornelius Ingram heard their names called during the first two round of the NFL selection process, which means they won't fin out until sometime tomorrow what their professional futures might be.

Ingram had an outside chance of being chosen in round two, but it's unlikely Murphy truly expected to get chosen. Still with some of the strange named we heard during round two, you have to wonder how NFL teams pass on guys who have been proven at a high level of competition. I guess that's what makes the draft so interesting.

When the third round gets underway Sunday morning there's no doubt that the two Gator stalwarts will be at or near the top of many draft boards. It won't be en easy evening for either one of them, but Sunday will be a better day.

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