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In this week's edition: early departure talk, the effects of the Chris Leak announcement, a note about the quarterback position, transfer possibilities, scheme changes for next year, the offensive line for next year with the added JUCO's in the mix, some basketball notes and more!

Florida's football program has run the full gamut of emotions in the last seven days. It began with a heartbreaking loss to a good Michigan team, then the announcement of Ian Scott's surprising departure and then the announcement of big time recruit Chris Leak coming to Florida. 

With Ian Scott leaving and the departure of Rex Grossman Gator fans wonder who's next. Clint Mitchell may be the only one left as all other returner's have met with Zook and pledged their desire to stay. The biggest returner is Guss Scott, who is probably the highest pick other than Grossman, could have come out. He has really made himself into a desirable NFL player. Clint Mitchell has the ability but academics may factor into his decision. 

With the announcement of Chris Leak not only will it help the Gators with top prospects but it also helped excite those on campus. Ron Zook believes players make plays and would rather be an average coach with great players than a great coach with average players and based on a 8-5 season he is trying to get more "players." 

Rex Grossman leaving early was somewhat expected and he will leave as one of the best to ever play at Florida. Grossman had everything you would want in a quarterback with his toughness, leadership and willingness to take chances, but some of those qualities you admire got the Gators in trouble at times this season in games with Ole Miss and LSU. Nevertheless, he will be missed but the excitement of "new blood" will energize the offense in the spring.

Snippets and tidbits....

Guss Scott has been projected as the highest underclassman at Florida according to Mel Kiper...Some players will transfer after spring football and maybe one of the quarterbacks. With so many people high on Gavin Dickey and of course the two new recruits in Leak and Midgett, it could be possible for Ingle Martin or Patrick Dosh to look elsewhere if they struggle in the spring...The offense and the defense will have a different look in the spring, not only in personnel but also with wrinkles. Florida will work on more "I" football and the defense will add some of Charlie Strong's techniques to it's system...The offensive line could be interesting with Griffin and Guerrero in the mix. Expect one of them to challenge Mo Mitchell for his right guard spot. The idea  is to make one of them the top backup or starter at guard. Washington who plays tackle could press Randy Hand for the right spot but the bottom line is numbers make for good competition and allow them the opportunity to substitute...I expect the starting receivers for spring practice to be Perez and Kight but Dallas Baker and Kenneth Tookes will move up fast.

In hoops, the Gators have 4 players shooting better than 50% with Walsh, Lee, Bonner and Hamilton. The Gators are the three time defending SEC East Champions and could get Christian Drejer into the fold any day now. He is practicing and the team is working.

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